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Feb 19, 2014 08:16 AM

Mario Batali opening restaurant in Ann Arbor?

What's this about Batali buying Selo/Shevel Gallery @ Main & Liberty?

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  1. Good on him. If he does as rumored.

    But really, I'm not going to drive out to Ann Arbor/Ypsi (especially after the excoriating reviews of Sidetrack, here) to have a "destination" meal.

    Batali wants success in MI? Have him put a resto in the Eastern Market.

    1. I heard a rumor from one of my bartenders awhile back that Batali was looking to open a restaurant in Ann Arbor but I thought he must be mistaken. This would be AMAZING if true!

      He's been approached to open one in Northern Michigan in the past but he's said in many interviews that Michigan is where he comes to relax and get away from the restaurants.

      1. What's this about that gallery closing? They've been around since approximately forever. I really hate to see A2 turn into Royal Oak Jr., just a big outdoor food court.

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          Well it's definitely on its way to that. Ruth's Criss is going in on 4th in the old Maude's location. Knights is opening in the old borders bldg (along with a noodle shop run by the old Tribute chef). That's all A2 seems to be able to support now because no one will reel in the landlords jacking up the rent. I will really miss selo/shevel :(

        2. Was out last night and heard confirmation from someone that spoke to Batali directly that he doesn't have plans to open something in Ann Arbor. A real shame if you ask me!!

          At least Takashi's Slurping Turtle should be opening soon.

          1. Selo/Shevel closed a few months ago . . . prime spot for something.
            God, I had a unbelievably bad meal at Argiero's last week. My first time there in 18 years; I guess I stayed away for a reason. I wouldn't say no to a Batali meal!