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Lunch before the ART on Sunday?

Seeing a matinee there this coming Sunday. Enjoyed Tory Row last time we were in Harvard Square. What else is interesting, affordable, and able to get into?

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      1. Alden and Harlow, the new restaurant by the prior chef at RHT

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            Harvest is Sunday Brunch -- $35 prix fixe, which is a bit too pricey for what we're looking for.

            Russell House and Red House look good, anything a little more downscale?


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              Crema? (Haven't been myself in ages.)

        1. There's also Beat Hotel.

          1. Charlies Kitchen
            Cambridge 1 Pizza (by the Tory Row folks)
            Le's Viet (in the Garage)
            First Printer
            Bartley's Burgers
            Tasty Burger
            Shake Shack

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              First Printer is no longer in business.

              Park is similar to Russell House, but may be worth checking out. http://parkcambridge.com/menu/brunch

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                First Printer is still open, reservations up and running on open table.

                +1 to Park though


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                  Oops. My mistake. I should've said First Printer will SOON no longer be in business. http://www.thecrimson.com/article/201...

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                    Ugh, the Tommy Doyle's people? Guess that explains why they closed their other Harvard Square shithole.


            2. We went to Russell House Tavern (and might have been the oldest folks there by 20 years, even though we are still quite a ways away from retirement age. Server was Bryan and he was tremendous, and the food was very good.

              I had the "secret burger" (they are steaming it, a la Ted's) and she had the special omelet of the day and we were quite pleased. Thanks for the recommendation!