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Feb 19, 2014 05:56 AM

Lunch in Lake Charles

Staying at L'Auberge casino for two nights. Will be looking for a nice place f or lunch in the area on Thursday. We will be doing some driving-type sightseeing and need a place. Don't want to spend all of our time in the casino!!

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  1. I like Harlequins on the service road for the interstate Loop over near you. I think it is Lake street exit but the Hotel will know. I only have dinner there so ai don't know lunch arrangements.

    Check with steamboat Bill's over by the old bridge on I-10. The may have boiled crawfish and know what they are doing. (they have not fallen for the fifteen-alarm-fire trend that has popped up in recent years.)

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    1. re: hazelhurst

      Been to Steamboat Bill's. Decent stuff. My situation is that my wife is in poor health and can't stand very long so we need a sit-down place with wait staff and handicapped access as she may be using the wheelchair if she's tired. A nice quit, local place would be nice. Something in the old part of town as we will be doing some looking there.

      1. re: redstickboy

        When wil you be there? An old friend and college roommate is a physician there. maybe he has some ideas.

        Its not downtown but Harlequins fits your other requirements. 501 W. College Street. They are open for lunch (actualy name is "The Harlequin")

        1. re: hazelhurst

          Thanks for the reply. We'll be getting there next Wed afternoon. Thursday will be the day for the lunch away from the casino. I'll check out the place.

          1. re: redstickboy

            I'll send him an email this week. he might take a few days to get back.

            1. re: hazelhurst

              We have time. We tend to gravitate to places that people who live in an area eat. Repeaters are the best reviews!
              Looked at Pujo St. café. Wouldn't mind a good shrimp or oyster poor-boy.

              1. re: redstickboy

                I just sent him a fax and told him reply at leisure.Ought to have something in a day or two.

                1. re: redstickboy

                  Pujo street ought to be fine. When I am not visiting overnight I am usualy arund the courthouse and I can't think of where-all I've fone.

                  My confederate recommended Pat's of Henderson which is out on the loop. I've never eaten there out of loyalty to Pat Huval. The "Pat's of Henderson" was grabbed from him in a divorce. She is probably gone from the business by now (if not dead).It all started 35 years ago

                  1. re: hazelhurst

                    I have a friend who lives off the last exit(347?) before the Spillway. He took us to Cajun Kitchen as it is near his house. really good stuff. He said that the P of H actually in Henderson id good,too.

                    1. re: redstickboy

                      The last I heard, Pat's of Henderson was non est in Henderson. When Pat divorced the wife got the restaurant (but "he got the cooks" was the saying.) He then built "Pat's Fisherman's Wharf' directly across (east) of Bayou Amy from his old place, staring the "ex" in the face. The billboard wars between the two, on the road from the Interstate, were hilarious. \

                      She then opened up a shop in the French Quarter and one in Lake Charles. The FQ shop failed. The then Henderson shop went up in flames.(For years the only thing remaining was the entrance marquis frame where the huge crawfish sat.) Odysseus ruled in Ithaca again.

                      I have no idea if she sold the old land or if they rebuilt--I've not had any reason to go down that road in probably four or five years when I went to ask Pat some questions.

                      So it is possible Pats of Henderson rebuilt in Henderson but I have not heard about it and I think it would be suicidal.

      2. Darrell's for poboys. Best poboys around.

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        1. re: poncedeleroy

          Are they? I'll have to check that next time I am in town.

          1. re: poncedeleroy

            Most everything I read agrees with that. Only problem is that my wife is a semi-invalid. She can walk but just not far so we do wheelchair a lot. Sit down service is a must. Does Darrell's meet thses needs?

            1. re: redstickboy

              Probably not suitable in your circumstances. It's a bar and we sat at a high table. Crowded too.

              Food's good, but maybe not your atmosphere.

              Yeah, Hazelhurst, the Darrell's Special and the Surf and Turf are great! The bread's made specially for them by a local Holsum's.