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Feb 19, 2014 05:04 AM

Lunch to go in Cobble Hill

I am visiting a friend in Cobble Hill who just had a baby. I am coming to visit and bringing my two sons 6 and 9. Any recommendations for a place to pick up a nice lunch? Good sandwiches, salads to go? Thanks

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  1. Cobblestone Foods is pretty good in that arena.

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      +1 on Cobblestone.

      also, Sahadi's has lots of great takeout options. I love their spiral spanikopita and their mediterranean salads. They also make pita sandwiches, but I've never tried them. While you're at it you could also check out Damascus a couple doors down - they also have some good middle eastern baked options and sandwiches.

      Paisano's is for good Italian deli sandwiches.

      Ted & Honey has nice sandwiches and salads (though their dollar per portion ratio is higher than the above places).