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weekday breakfasts, beyond bacon and eggs

Aunties and Uncles
Cafe Boulud
Where else?

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  1. The huntsman does brunch throughout the week.

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        In regard to the Huntsman prima, they make THE MOST unbelievable apple pancakes. They put stewed apples right into the batter. They are sublime!!

      2. How early is breakfast for you?

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          Serving breakfast by 9 am. :)

        2. Gabardine. Not too unusual but they have breakfast burger.....peameal sandwich....mmmmmm.

          1. They DO serve weekday breakfasts at Cafe Boulud, but not at weekday prices!

            Are you looking for more standard breakfast options, or would you consider dim sum, pho or Vietnamese com dishes, ful, congee or idlis and sambhar?

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              Open to any type of breakfast that's served by 9am , that's something different from a typical greasy spoon menu. I'm already a fan of the standard offerings at Detroit Eatery, Motorama and Good Bite.

              Had a nice eggs benedict at Cafe Boulud today. $21, great Hollandaise, perfectly poached eggs. A side of potatoes would have been extra. The $17 Belgian waffle was a generous size.I'm sure I'll return again. Good cappuccino for $6.

              I'd consider any of the dishes you've mentioned if they're being served at 9 am. My favourite dim sum spots mostly get going after 10:30, making dim sum a brunch food for me. :)

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                The Gabardine already mentioned but it's worth pointing out they open for breakfast at 8 AM

            2. Lady Marmelade in Leslieville - weekdays are ideal because it's too busy on the weekend!

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                I enjoyed the eggs benny with spinach at Lady Marmalade today, and my friend enjoyed the big bowl of porridge with raspberries and apples. Decent cappuccino. When I arrived at 10 am on a Monday morning, I was seated at the last available table.

              2. The Drake
                Emma's Country Kitchen

                1. House of Gourmet in Chinatown - kitchen opens at 8am on weekdays.
                  Union 72 - 10am weekdays, but Fantastic coffee/pastries/meaty bites.

                  1. Bonjour Brioche. The pastries and brioche are very good (particularly the blueberry and raspberry-lemon brioches). They do a nice scrambled eggs and smoked salmon with rosti. The tarts are all fabulous, particularly the fig-carmelized onion-blue cheese and the goat cheese and tomato. The quiche are also very good. They also do great baked French toast. We really like their baguettes, including in sandwiches with rare roast beef and brie. Their clafouti are also very good, particularly the sour cherry. And the flourless chocolate cake is nice and dark - it's a favourite of my 105 year-old grandmother. Note they are closed on Mondays and take cash only.

                    1. I'd recommend Brick Street Bakery... sure it's carb and butter heavy but it's divine! I like grabbing breakfast in First Canadian and then head up to the food court area that is facing street level Wellington to enjoy the goodies.

                      In the morning, they have all the sweet items (muffins, croissants of all types, turn overs, brioche, cakes, scones, cookies, and Eccles cake!) and they have the savoury items too. Spinach and Feta turnover, sausage rolls, cornish pastry, and cheese twists. If you go later closer to 10 am or even 11 am, you'll find their pies just warmed up and ready (chicken tarragon and shepherds pie) for a brunch type meal.

                      If I have more time, I like Karine for a vegetarian breakfast. They pile on the fruits and vegetables and I'm always happy walking out. They have some super happy people serving there too... Most people are put off with the fact it's a primary vegetarian place but they have 'eggs' there as well.

                      Then there's Fika's breakfast sandwich... yes it has bacon and eggs but coupled with their coffee, it's good! I think it opens at 10 am on weekdays.

                      Also there's Le Neuf Cafe which specializes in French bistro style food. I've nibbled on a few items from there and it's pretty good but I haven't sat down for a true meal. They do open at 8 am I believe.

                      Lastly, I think Bar Buca opens early as well? I haven't been there but you could go for an Italian breakfast! When I was in Florence, it was about standing at the bar with a nice cappuccino in one hand and a sweet pastry in the other. Cannoli (or even cannolo!) perhaps? :)

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                        +1 Le Neuf Cafe. It's a lovely place to go for breakfast.

                        I'd also say +1 for Bar Buca. But as far as I know, they only serve pastries during the week and then they have a weekend brunch. That said, it's definitely worth it to go and try their pastries. They're pretty darn good!!!!

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                          I also recommend Brick Street for their products, but it is not a sit down place. The bread, ginger loaf, Eccles cake, and turnovers are all great.

                        2. I almost forgot that Rose and Sons serves all day breakfast.

                          1. Takht e Tavoos opens at 10am and serves breakfast options that are well beyond simply bacon and eggs. 1120 College Street.

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                              Place is so badass I've been going a lot lately

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                                I need to try it on a weekday so I can enjoy Turkish coffee with my breakfast. The creamed spinach/eggs dish was amazing. My dining companion enjoyed the kaleh pacheh (sheep's soup). Truly an unforgettable meal.

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                                Now that's an interesting breakfast menu! I don't typically care for breakfast and brunch, but this menu could change my mind.

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                                    Any other particular menu items to try? I am planning to go Sunday/tomorrow morning.

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                                      Love the olives, feta, bread and tea. The egg dishes were good. If you're feeling adventurous try the sheep's soup - not for everyone but my dining partner loved it so much I thought he might lick the dish clean. It is a place where I found the servers quite knowledgeable and willing to make recommendations based on your tastes.

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                                        the porridge (haleem) is fantastic, all of the egg joints i've tried were great, the dips are solid, i wanna try the sheep stew thing soon

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                                          Wow, this place is popular! I should have gone whe. I first heard about it. Word is definitely out now. I wasn't able to get there much before 11am and there was a huge crowd around the door. I was told the wait was over an hour and a half at that point!

                                          Decided to go to White Brick Kitchen as I was heading to that area anyway. Review in the WBK thread later!

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                                            Finally got to try Takt E Tavoos on the weekend. I had a dish that was potatoes /egg and my friend had the porridge (Haleem) which I tried. I enjoyed both and I definitely will be back again to try more dishes. I was there at 10:15 and by 10:30am the tables were all full but there wasn't a huge line (on Saturday).

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                                          I enjoyed brunch at Takht e Tavoos, but mangiacake that I am, it tasted more like lunch than breakfast. Sheep soup and beets in yogurt just don't taste like breakfast to me.

                                        3. Mildred's Temple Kitchen does a weekday breakfast, but it doesn't start until 11, so I'm not sure if that counts.


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                                            Anything starting at 11 is brunch or lunch, in my books. :)

                                          2. School in Liberty Village...opens for breakfast and has some interesting items...

                                            1. Anyone have a recommendation for a 9 am breakfast within a 15-20 minute walk of the AGO (Dundas St at McCaul) besides Karine's in the Grange, Avenue Open Kitchen on Camden and The Senator on Victoria? Looking for a hot breakfast rather than pastries. How are the breakfast sandwiches and egg dishes at Le Gourmand?

                                              Thanks for any ideas.

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                                                Gourmet's HK ham/egg sandwich + milk tea is great - just have to watch the elbow grease.

                                                Hotel Ocho offers continental breakfast for non-hotel guests for $7 (I recall). Nothing fancy, but pretty solid.

                                                Kensington is within walking distance.
                                                Average Joe's breakfast plate is a steal for $5.50. I am not a fan of Nu Bagel (overpriced, slow service) but if bagel is your thing, it's an option.

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                                                  Oh sorry I mis-read Le Gourmand for House of Gourmet on Dundas.

                                                  Le Gourmand has good breakfast sandwiches and great coffee. The scrambled eggs I had was a little tough, but the ham/egg sandwich on croissant is good.

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                                                    I don't love their Shakshuka compared to other Shakshukas but I like their bourekas and date pastries.(and for lunch, the turkey club sandwiches, made w turkey bacon )

                                                  2. Tried the vegetarian frittata (mushrooms and fontina) and toast, at Bar Centrale today. Pretty good, and a lighter/leaner egg option than an omelette at a greasy spoon. Liked their cappuccino. I'll be back to try more of their breakfast menu.

                                                    1. I suspect this is not what you are looking for, too chain-y, but they keep giving me decent free falafel balls on Bay at Gerrard to promote the opening of Just falafel (http://www.justfalafel.com/). I am intrigued by the breakfast options, which seem different from the website and include an egg and falafel sandwich and something with haloumi. If I worked nearer I would check it out for breakfast on the run.

                                                      1. Tried the eggs benny at America on the 31st floor of the Trump today, which came with tasso ham instead of peameal, and a cheddar biscuit instead of an English muffin, for $21. Nice hollandaise, but similar to Cafe Boulud, no potatoes included. Good option for an upscale business breakfast downtown. Online reservations available through OpenTable.