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Feb 19, 2014 05:03 AM

weekday breakfasts, beyond bacon and eggs

Aunties and Uncles
Cafe Boulud
Where else?

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  1. The huntsman does brunch throughout the week.

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      1. re: LexiFirefly

        In regard to the Huntsman prima, they make THE MOST unbelievable apple pancakes. They put stewed apples right into the batter. They are sublime!!

      2. How early is breakfast for you?

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        1. re: petek

          Serving breakfast by 9 am. :)

        2. Gabardine. Not too unusual but they have breakfast burger.....peameal sandwich....mmmmmm.

          1. They DO serve weekday breakfasts at Cafe Boulud, but not at weekday prices!

            Are you looking for more standard breakfast options, or would you consider dim sum, pho or Vietnamese com dishes, ful, congee or idlis and sambhar?

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              Open to any type of breakfast that's served by 9am , that's something different from a typical greasy spoon menu. I'm already a fan of the standard offerings at Detroit Eatery, Motorama and Good Bite.

              Had a nice eggs benedict at Cafe Boulud today. $21, great Hollandaise, perfectly poached eggs. A side of potatoes would have been extra. The $17 Belgian waffle was a generous size.I'm sure I'll return again. Good cappuccino for $6.

              I'd consider any of the dishes you've mentioned if they're being served at 9 am. My favourite dim sum spots mostly get going after 10:30, making dim sum a brunch food for me. :)

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                The Gabardine already mentioned but it's worth pointing out they open for breakfast at 8 AM

            2. Lady Marmelade in Leslieville - weekdays are ideal because it's too busy on the weekend!

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                I enjoyed the eggs benny with spinach at Lady Marmalade today, and my friend enjoyed the big bowl of porridge with raspberries and apples. Decent cappuccino. When I arrived at 10 am on a Monday morning, I was seated at the last available table.