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Feb 19, 2014 04:26 AM


If this is what I think it is, I'm salivating. It's the remnants from the pan and end piece off-cuts from a roasted piece of meat, right? And I assume you don't get it as a dish or side dish, it's mainly found on poboys?

If so, where can I get some good debris in the French Quarter? It has to be the French Quarter because it's my first time to NOLA and I'll only have two full days there. Thanks.

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  1. Mother's is the only place that I've had it and loved it. Also, get there early and have the "black ham" with breakfast.

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    1. re: grampart

      I've read about Mother's. Some people love it and some people hate it. I'll make a note of it anyway.

      I've been wondering where else to have breakfast besides Cafe Du Monde so I'll look into the black ham. Sounds intriguing.

      1. re: Aynat62

        Breakfast at Mena's. "Where the locals eat". We thought it was great.

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          Mothers is what it is. I wish people would get over it. It is a solid place. Not wonderful but certainly not bad. Will go again when I have a short amount of time to eat before leaving for Airport..

          1. re: ibew292

            Agreed. Some say " it ain't what is used to be". Well, the same could certainly be said of Cafe Du Monde.

      2. If you will be in the FQ on the weekend, try EAT on the corner of Dauphine and Dumaine. Great breakfast.

        1. Funny how this has turned into a thread about breakfast....I won't be in NOLA for a couple of months so plenty of time to research. Thanks for all the links, I'll check them out.

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          1. re: Aynat62

            A favorite breakfast/lunch place has a breakfast dish called Goolash.

            It is eggs any style over a grilled biscuit over cheese grits, all topped with debris,

            There, debris can be ordered with many dishes and can be ordered as a side dish. They cook down their own roast.

            The place is always packed, including highway patrol, and I've never taken guest there when they haven't raved about the food and wanted to make it a priority stop on their next visit.

            The problem for most visitors is that it is in Mandeville, and as good as it is (debris and all) not worth the special drive when there is so much to choose from in N.O.

            1. re: collardman

              Didn't think of it till you mentioned breakfast -- the eggs cochon at the Ruby Slipper is poached eggs over pork debris. It's been a long time since I've had it but remember it as being pretty good. (Not as good as their croque madame, however.)

              Those cheese grits sound good though...

          2. Like another poster here, Mother's is the only place I've had it - and I still dream about it. It was awesome. I've had it on a sandwich, and I've had it as a side - for breakfast, I think it was. I think it's even better on its own without the bread.

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              Oh so it's a side dish too? Awesome. Sounds like Mother's is the place to go for good debris.

            2. The Rib Room has a debris po boy on their menu,