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Feb 19, 2014 02:51 AM

sushi around Nashua

Coming home from snowboarding Sunday and will stop in Nashua to shop. Would love sushi, mid to late afternoon..thanks for your recs!

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  1. Where are you shopping?

    Off exti 6 you can visit either You-You's or Shira Kiku. The first is Japanese and the second Korean.

    If you will be down near the mall, try Shanghai Osaka.

    Off exit 7 is Yoshimama...I've never been but a coworker recommends it.

    You could also drive over to Hudson for Dynamite.

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      Is Dynamite even serving? Last I heard it was open as some sort of quasi take out place. Oh and Takumi on the DW is good too. It's a little north of the Barnes and Noble.

      1. re: SuperGrover

        Not sure about Dynamite. I know they had gone to lunch only, but the website says they do lunch again. Haven't been for a while since I don't get to Hudson very often.

    2. +1 on Shira Kiku. Decent sushi, tasty kimchi, nice service. http://www.kikunh.com

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        thanks everyone...great recs...I appreciate feedback on personal and recent experiences....Shira Kiku looks great...