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Feb 18, 2014 10:04 PM

Two Foodies, Eight Days in Rome...where to eat?!

My boyfriend and I are very excited to go to Rome (for our first time) in less than a month! We are self-declared foodies, so it goes without saying that we love fresh, good food. We are staying in an apartment near the Piazza Navona, but are in need of restaurant/cafe suggestions that are preferably not tourist-flooded. I've heard great things about the Trastevere neighborhood, but the reviews have been mixed. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated, please! Note: We are college students, so we are trying to limit our 'splurge' meals.

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  1. If you have NO idea where to eat in Rome, nobody is going to answer you since what you need to know has probably already been written and rewritten many times. Search the board for recent Rome threads and see what may appeal, then come back with a little more focus to your queries.

    As a general suggestion, I'd say to concentrate your budget in one sit-down meal a day and fill in the rest with trips to markets, pizza al taglio, bars, etc., not sit-down trattorias or restaurants.

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      Hi Maureen, thank you for your response. I have edited my post, as I have looked at other threads from a couple months/years ago. What I meant to say is that although I have a few recommendations I am unsure of their current quality. A few places I have seen mentioned are, Da Enzo, Come il Latte (for gelato), Il Pigneto, La Carbonara dal 1906, Pietro Valentini, and La Gensola.

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        da enzo has become very much quantity over quality.
        Come il latte is great if you love the creamier and sweater type of gelato and no need to go out of your way for it, there are good gelateria in the center where you will be.
        Not sure what il pigneto is, there are some places with pigneto in the name but am not aware with only il pigneto.
        La carbonara is not a recommended place.
        Never heard of pietro valentini.
        La gensola is a nice enough place in trastevere for seafood.

        1. re: vinoroma

          Thank you so much! Are there any tips/places that you love in Rome?

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            could Il Pigneto be referencing Primo al Pigneto, which I just noticed browsing? I like the sound of the dishes - anybody tried?


            1. re: jen kalb

              primo al pigneto sounds and looks very good and i really wanted to like it when they first opened - tried it three times and was disappointed every single time (with food quality, service, wine service). their newish place rosti is even worse (it is really really bad actually). But both places look great and are full of hip young people.

              1. re: vinoroma

                sorry but thanks for the info. I guess its an example of execution falling short of the appealing concept.

                Are there any good places to eat in that neighborhood?

                1. re: jen kalb

                  Barely. Porchettone is a fun place with good porchetta and similar stuff, mesob is great (ethiopian). Further out in centocelle the new (bigger, food serving) D.O.L. and the tiny Mazzo are great.

              2. re: jen kalb

                We went once. I thought it was reasonably good but Franco didn't like it and it was hardly worth the schlep from the center.

        2. I would recommend:
          1.Marco G, Via Garibaldi 56
          2.Dar Poeta Pizza, Vicolo del Bologna 45
          3. Pietro Valentini, 19 Via dei Pianellari
          4. Roscioli, Via dei Giubbonari

          1. I forgot to mention that I went to Rome last year & have eaten in all of the restaurants I recommended - you won't be disappointed.

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              Thank you for such a great list! We are very excited :)

            2. I too am going to Rome in May! Looking forward to hearing about which places you choose and how you liked them! In 2009 I was in Rome with 3 friends. We stayed in Trastevere which we all LOVED. The owner of our apartment recommended Dar Poeta Pizza. It was definitely the best pizza I had in Italy.

              1. We had a good lunch at La Gensola in September and would return.
                Roscioli is always a must for us, if for nothing else than a plate of the buratta and tomatoes and the mortadella and parmesean.
                Pizzarium is also a required stop for us.

                A search of this board will give you lots of up-to-date information.

                If you have a smart phone, I recommend the Eat Rome app and Katie Parla's Rome app as good resources as well.