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Jul 16, 2000 01:34 PM

How expensive is Toque?

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After reading all the pros and cons of Toque on this Board, we still haven't decided whether or not to go. Two questions:
I know it's expensive - what is expensive? What is the price range?
Is it dressy? My husband will not be bringing a sports jacket on this trip, since we're coming from a different kind of vacation in Vermont.
Also, I have loved reading comments on various restaurants and bistros in Montreal. We will definitely get to l'Express (been going there for years) - what would be your other favorite bistro?
Thanks -

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  1. Here is part of an article written in the Toronto star on July 27/2k

    Saturday 6:30 p.m. Toqué, 3842 St. Denis

    Kirsti and I regroup for dinner. As McGill students, we ate less quiche and crême
    brûlée than we did falafel and Kraft Dinner. When we did eat out, our faves included
    Peruvian cuisine and wine at Restaurant Pucapuca (5400 St. Laurent), or Egyptian at
    the Nil Blue (3706 St. Denis). Tonight, we choose Toqué, an elegant québécois
    restaurant featuring chef Normand LaPrise's cuisine: maple-syrup glazed quail,
    roasted lobster sauteed in green garlic and red wine vinegar and fois gras, which
    melts on your tongue. Dinner, plus lots and lots of wine, rang in at $175.