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Jun 22, 2000 04:08 PM

montreal and other canadian places restaurants

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it is almost aimless to take this or that person's recommendations for restaurants in Canada because the most intelligent, incisive and truly beguiling restaurant guide in ALL North America exists for Canadian kitchens. It is called WHERE TO EAT IN CANADA and it is compiled by Anne Hardy. The publisher is OBERON, a small and rather illusive publisher in Ottawa but is available through several net sources. It lists restaurants from top dollar to
virtually "diner" is chatty, often
caustic, always fun. It has led me to some of the best places I have dined on our continent...from the Tickle Inn in Cape Tickle, Newfoundland (and wonderful Bianca's in St John's), to de Maurizio in Halifax, through a good half dozen in Montreal and so on. I am so thankful to this book for TOJO in Vancouver,
Smile's in Prince Rupert....There is simply no end to the adventure. Anyone who enjoys dining interesting and travels Canada needs this book! (I promise that I neither know Anne Harby nor own any stock in ORERON).

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  1. You're not the first to recommend this book on these boards. I couldn't find it in the Montreal bookstores I checked while on vacation last summer.

    I don't own stock in either of the above, nor in, and least of all in (what a concept!), but thought a plug for using Chowhound's link if you shop though Amazon might be useful here.