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Feb 18, 2014 06:45 PM

Rehearsal dinner in Lansdale vicinity?

Hi all,

I'm trying to plan a rehearsal dinner from afar (currently living in the PacNW) and am rusty on my options within 20 minutes of Lansdale's Main Street. We're looking at about 50 people. I'm currently considering Dettera in Ambler - website & menu look promising and it's about a 15 minute drive - but am seeing some hesitation on these boards. Everything looks like it's from a little while back, though -- has anyone been in recently, or better yet had a private event there? Thanks!

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  1. If the Mainland Inn is open by the time you get there it is worth considering,

    I would also consider the Joseph Ambler Inn as well in North Wales.

    Deterra Wine bar is nice as is Bridgets steakhouse. If you want to go a little more low budget Just from the Boot in Ambler will provide you with good italian food and will not break the bank.

    1. Is there anything suitable in Skippack? That's ~15 minutes and has a bit of the quaint factor going on.

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        Do they have private dining faiclities. Each of the one mentioned does. There are all wonderful restaurants up there, but not aware what private dining rooms there are.

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          I do believe the Parc Bistro does have a private room and/or given the number of people and evening will sequester an upstairs room. Brassier 73 has a spectacular great room and frequently has them dedicated to one party. I believe talking with each would offer needed details. Of course there is the standby for this type event, The William Penn Inn, they are usually heavily scheduled, can accommodate a group with easy and style. Agree on Joseph Ambler and From the Boot. I would stay away from Deterra & Bridgets but that is just a personal thing based on a couple of not good experiences.

        2. Depending upon when you want to schedule this rehearsal dinner, what about looking into the newly refurbished Blue Bell Inn in Ambler?
          It is supposed to re-open very soon.

          Click on the Facebook arrow and get a really interesting history with lots of pictures as to how the work is going. The place looks awesome. (hope the food lives up to it)

          1. The Farmhouse at Skippack Golf course has some good reviews on Trip advisor and it’s a nice looking venue

            The Local in Souderton may be nice too… cozy

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              I would suggest you visit and dine at the Farmhouse before booking anything. I would be pleased to hear ,from a source I know, that it has upgraded its food. Based on 3 visits in summer and early fall I am not sure they could successfully handle your group or that you would be pleased with the food. But as my reference is now 5 months old I could be, and hopefully am incorrect. This place is not near the same league as many other options mentioned here.

            2. My sister-in-law had her stepdaughter's rehearsal dinner at The Metropolitan American Diner & Bar in North Wales. My other sister-in-law's Bridal Shower was also held there. There is a private room/area on the right side of the restaurant where both events were held. Good food and service, ample parking and only 10 minutes from Lansdale. Don't be turned off by the name - it's definitely a restaurant and not a diner (building used to be Houlihan's) Another idea, but a bit further from Lansdale, is Ristorante Castello in Blue Bell. Very good Italian BYOB, with private rooms for parties. I would also agree with the other recommendations for The William Penn Inn.