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Feb 18, 2014 06:44 PM

I95 , smoked barbeque b/t Santee in SC and Jacksonville, FL

We are headed to Orlando this Friday morning and returning Monday and would like some good, smoked barbeque. The kind made with "love".. you know what I mean.

I have found some old threads like this, but nothing recent and half of the aforementioned places are now closed.

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  1. Eddie Lee's market 1 mile west of 95 on 82 in Brunswick, Ga open Fridays closed Mondays. Good pork better smoked sausage. 30 minute detour will get you to Southern Soul on St Simons Is. Definitely made w/love

    1. I would suggest McCabe's in Manning, SC...but it's 30 miles NORTH of Santee.

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      1. re: JayL

        I just ate there over the weekend and, despite my hesitations, had the buffet. It was delicious.

      2. Maybe 20 minutes is Sweatmans BBQ Address: 1427 Eutaw Rd, Holly Hill, SC 29059
        Phone:(803) 496-1227 Like them or not it is a must stop if you are a BBQ person. They only cook whole hogs and mixed the chopped meat. I think they are only open on Thursday, Fri and Sat.

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        1. re: JB BANNISTER

          While I don't like Sweatman's, I would agree that it's one of the "must stops" in South Carolina. It is very convenient to Santee.