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Feb 18, 2014 06:38 PM


This coming weekend Feb. 23, I am traveling to Columbia, MO for one night and St. Louis for one night. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Anything authentic or at least spicy would be ideal. thanks.

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  1. Sophia's and Murry's are my two favorites when I visit Columbia. I am not a fan of spicy, so I cannot help you there, but Sophia's has great small plates and Murry's is casual with good soups, sandwiches, salads, and desserts.

    1. Lots of listings for STL here on this board if you search. I take it you're talking dinner rather than lunch, which almost rules out two of our leading BBQ spots, Pappy's and Bogart's. Sugarfire at I-170 and Olive isn't spicy but the food is really good with some excellent and nontraditional sides. And for spicy, there's a little Thai place off I-270 at Dorsett, let me check.. ah, got it. Thai Kitchen.

      This all assumes you've got a car. If not, where are you staying?

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        Thanks very much. Actually not staying over, driving from Columbia to St. Louis, with a little time to kill before a late flight out so I am planning to find someplace to eat dinner. I haven't given any thoughts to logistics like what may be near the highway I will be on, near airport, etc. I figured I could do that once I see what the choices are. I will check the board as well.

      2. in STL my latest fave is Seoul Taco (Korean/Mexican) by Blueberry Hill just off the Delmar Loop in U City but on the way to the airport on Lindbergh (just South) is La Tejana for a killer taqueria (don't get the enchiladas - my aunt did, and they suck but the tacos are amazing)

        but it has been a few months.

        1. Well, the airport is right on I-70, so it's a straight 2-hour shot, if you haven't done it before. Agree with the Tejana suggestion - exit to go south on Lindbergh (which is just before the airport) and look for a little strip mall on your right and downhill from the road. Sugarfire is about 20 min from the airport but that doesn't allow for car rental return or whatever. It's off I-170, only about a block.

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            oops, yeah I'm always coming up from the South, I think the cross street is White Hill or White Oak - there's a light.

          2. Columbia has some great places. You might try Bamboo Terrace in for spicy. This is an article about it and a Columbia food blog that is very useful.

            I love Sugarfire in St. Louis. The specials change all the time and are very creative.