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best craft cocktail bar?

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Any recommendations? Thanks!

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  1. Mandarin Bar. Great cocktails, rarely crowded, and the best view of the strip.

    1. Press at the 4 seasons.
      Velveteen rabbit for a great locals scene and tremendous 8 cocktails

      1. The Laundry Room. The art of cocktail making in speakeasy setting. Great place.

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          Oh, yeah, how could I forget. +1 on The Laundry Room. It's downtown, and you need a reservation (search for how), but worth the effort for sure.

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          2. The Downtown Cocktail Room is an excellent spot.

            1. Vesper Bar at Cosmopolitan. Lots of "too hip" children but the cocktails are terrific. I do like DCR and the bar at the Mandarin.

              1. +1 Laundry Room.