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Feb 18, 2014 02:36 PM

Freezing a Frittata?

Have a bunch of chard and mushrooms in my fridge right now that I thought would be good in a frittata (with a potato base). My fridge at the moment is surprisingly well stocked with leftovers but I'm afraid to wait too long to cook these veggies.

Could I throw them in a frittata and freeze until a later date? I've googled and keep finding mixed results. Any tips on freezing and reheating? Also, which type of cooking vessel would be most well suited for this application? 9x13 pan, mini muffin tins, something else?

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  1. Have you thought about making a quiche with the ingredients rather than a frittata? I think it would freeze far better than a frittata. Also easy to reheat from frozen.

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    1. re: Paprikaboy

      at least to my understanding, the difference between a frittata and a quiche is a crust, right? and quiche has a bunch of heavy cream.

      im planning on doing sauteed potatoes in lieu of a crust and will add a splash of milk, but nothing too significant.

      do you think that more dairy will help it freeze better?

      1. re: September29

        i would skip the potatoes.

        i make an egg-bake-thing all the time that i cut and freeze. no crust, no spuds.

        1. re: September29

          Cream will help it freeze without weeping when it thaws. The more fat in liquid dairy, the better it freezes. (This does not hold true for cheese.)

      2. I make and freeze fritatta muffins (regular sized, minis may turn into rubber), sautee all the veggies well, bake in a muffin tin and then freeze those "muffins".

        I let the frozen one defrost in the fridge overnight and then i wrap in foil to rewarm in the oven if needed, otherwise i eat cool or room temp. Just don't microwave them (rubbery egg issues)

        1. I always freeze the leftovers of frittata, no problems at all.

          1. I freeze frittata all the time - reheat better in oven or toaster than microwave IMO - I do it even with potatoes in them its fine - not quite as good as fresh perhaps but good. Just wrap well and tightly to avoid freezer burn