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Feb 18, 2014 02:07 PM

I hate the new format

I know this new format is no longer new but I hate it. As a result I go to Chowhound once a month as compared to daily before the format changed. Can anyone help me make it work more smoothly and easily. Maybe it is just me. Any ideas?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I don't like it either, but I got used to it. These constant "improvements" are something we just have to put up with. There are suits who need to justify their salaries, after all.

      1. What about it do you hate? On my computer, whether it's when I click onto the site or onto a specific page, it first opens with small print, then takes a while to switch to the regular print, with bold headings, stars, and grayed-out threads if there's been nothing new since I last read them. But I have dial-up so I've assumed it was my slow connection.

        I like the ability to unclick a gold star to unfollow a thread, and the gray is an easier indication of nothing new than the previous blue dot to show that there IS new material.

        I still wish there was an icon to indicate when new material on a thread is a response to something I posted there, since even if it's an ancient thread that I would normally not go back to, I would want to see it in case the new post was asking me for further info or clarification.

        And I wish that the "discussion" list at the bottom right of the page, in the gray area, indicated what board the new post is on. I open this site directly onto my profile page so I almost never go to the CH main page. This means that I'll sometimes click onto a post involving a town in another state with the same name as a town in my area.

        Since you haven't been reading CH much you may be unaware of the new Food Quests board. Be afraid, be very afraid. No kidding, though - it's a misguided attempt to split projects away from their relevant boards, and ranks responses in a confusing and questionable way.

        1. Hasn't this format been around a while? I can't recall the last major change but,

          If the ads are bugging you there is always an Ad Blocker download to clean up that part of the overall landscape.

          The only feature I miss is the click that would save your place when you jump from one thread to another out of sequence on the main CH page. Now I scroll back to where I left off...

          The font size is adjustable through browser.

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            1. As others said, you'd get more input with specifics as to what you don't like. For me, making sure that "my followed discussions" page is set to "last reply" makes things pretty simple for me. Essentially I follow the posts I've contributed to that way and check "My boards" to see what's new on the boards I'm interested in. I've never found whatever function shows ALL new board posts to be very helpful, since it includes much more material than I wish to digest. JMHO