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Afternoon Tea in San Diego?

Yes, The Hotel del and the Grand del Mar immediately come to mind.

What are your favorites?

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  1. I don't do afternoon tea, but if I did, I'd head for the Corner Shoppe at Shakespeare's. An intriguing little place, very British.

    1. The afternoon tea at the U.S. Grant is very popular. I would also check out The Westgate Hotel, that place is a trip.

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        Love love love the Westgate and agree that it is a trip, in a good way.

        It did get a little tarnish, when reported that 'the filth' Filner, spent some time there...maybe the Westgate belongs on my post, on SD affairs, where to go?


      2. US Grant. Cafe Chloe does an afternoon "urban tea" if I recall correctly

        1. Aubrey Rose in La Mesa. Afternoon tea is their specialty.

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              Tea Upon Chatsworth in Point Loma is my favorite

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                Totally forgot about Tea Upon Chatsworth. Good suggestion!

            2. My FAVORITE is the Aviara in Carlsbad!

              FYI Hotel Del Coronado and US Grant only do special occasions (mothers day, christmas, etc). US Grant will do large parties booked in advance as well.

              Extraordinary Desserts does large parties booked in advance. I liked their tea party (more than I like them in general).

              Cafe Chloe does a tea but only weekdays. I love Cafe Chloe, but it is a bit small for a proper afternoon tea.

              Tea Upon Chatsworth was a good experience.

              Westgate I like, but it is a bit odd to be in the middle of the lobby.

              I still need to try the following:
              Bread and Cie (high expectation for food, but again a bit crowded)
              Tee Party (low expectations all around... it is in Mira Mesa...now if they served beers...)
              Aubrey Rose in La Mesa (just need to make it happen)
              Corner Shoppe at Shakespeare's (only heard about it here on this thread)

              1. There is a place in Alpine called Cobblestone Cottage that does tea. They have costumes to, so you can play dress up (NOT kidding!). http://cobblestonecottageteashoppe.com/