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Apr 18, 2000 03:40 PM

Montreal Hotels

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Does anyone have any suggestions for accomodations in Montreal? We are willing to splurge. Thanks much.

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  1. We got a package deal of air flight and two nights at the Ritz Carlton for under $300 a piece two years ago. As I recall, it's the oldest or one of the oldest hotels in the Ritz pantheon, but none the worse for wear. It's indeed very ritzy and very comforting after long days of hiking around that great city. Oh yeah, the package included breakfast at the Ritz in the garden, looking out at the duck pond that features a funny duck house with doorways and 'duck walks' that the ducks actually waddle around. The breakfast was nothing great, but the atmosphere made us feel like characters in a French children's book. McGill is a couple of blocks away as is the art museum and all the downtown hoopla.

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      Thank you, I have just been clued into the Ritz by a friend here as well. Said to be full of old European charm. The package you had sounds phenomenal...will have to do some investigating.

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      Donald Salvato

      My wife and I stayed at a wonderful inn (L'Auberge du Vieux Port)in the old Port. Breakfast was included in the restaurant Les Ramparts which is located in its lower level. The place has a great historical feel. It was a fur warehouse in the 1880's and was recently converted to an inn. We had a room overlooking the port with 14foot ceilings and 9 foot windows with horse drawn carriges going by. We fell in love with the place. See the link I attached.


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        We also stayed in Auberge de Vieux Port and thought it was wonderful. High wood beamed ceiling, beautiful and well-appointed rooms, large windows that open to a view of the river. The same owners also have a slightly smaller inn - I am not sure of the name but have heard great things.

      2. The Four Seasons, which is I believe on the same street as the Ritz Carlton (Sherbrooke) is great. Modern, but extremely comfortable (which is to me true luxury) and of course quite fancy as Four Seasons hotels are wont to be. My favorite feature is the terrific roof-top indoor/outdoor swimming pool, open year-round and just the thing after a hard day of hiking around the city.

        1. HI:

          I haven't stayed at the Auberge de Vieux Port
          but if you can't get in there, reserve at the
          Auberge de Sans Soucy, which are owned by the same

          Supposedly the Hotel Vogue is good, is you like
          upscale boutique hotels. I strongly considered staying
          there but will be staying at the Auberge de La Fontaine, adjacent to the Parc Lafontaine. That's
          because I'll have a car and they provide parking.