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Feb 18, 2014 08:20 AM

Livoti's Old World Market coming to Marlboro

This will be in the Marlboro Plaza at the corner of Rts. 9 & 520, where Hobby Lobby and Kohl's are.

It appears this is a second location, in addition to the original store in Aberdeen.

Drove past the storefront today, it's next to "Denny's Kids" in the corner.

Scroll down to see announcement.

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  1. Livoti's has been in Aberdeen (Court Jester mini-mall) for at least 5 years now, it's a great market. It's a smaller version of Top Tomato with an excellent fish market and prices. Although my understanding is the fish market is a separate entity that sub let's from them, the quality and prices are very good. The have pretty much put Demarco's the old stand by Italian Deli / market out of business. You will like them!

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      I used to shop at Demarco's years ago before they moved to their current location. Loved their bread. Went in once at the new location and walked out. Very unappealing. They hardly had any food. When I am in the area, I do stop in and shop at Livoti's. It is clean, fresh and everything is good from their produce and takeout food. Too bad about Demarco's.

    2. Yes the fishmonger is a separate lease. When the Asian market in Middletown (and they recently closed so now I'm traveling to the new location off Rt 79) doesn't have fresh baby octopus I buy from Livoti's. The fish dept in Aberdeen is small though so I'm hoping the new Marlboro location will be much larger. The only dept I'm not fond of at Livoti's is the bakery; just not wowed. But otherwise, fresh mozz still warm for sale is a big draw all on it's own.

      1. According to their FB page, they're aiming to open April 1

        1. How does Livoti compare to Joe Leones in Point Pleasant.?

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            I was under the impression Joe Leones was strictly catering? (Obviously I've never been so I can't compare, sorry)

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              Livoti's really excels in certain areas... particularly their prices. The cole cut selection is good and priced right. Fresh mozz, scarmozz, smoked mozz all great. A lot of their prpeared items in their case are great as well. Unfort, when compared to Joe Leone's, the consistency doesnt match up. While priced a good amt more, JL blows it out of the water across the board, where Livotis excels in some areas and bombs in others.
              Its weird too. I've had certain items from their case, then had catered versions form livoits and theyre not as good. Regardless, Livoti's specialty selection is great and priced accordingly. I'll go there for my usual staples and will endulge myself once in a while at JL... esp on their tomoato petals that are increibly good!

            2. That's great for Livoti's!! Congrats! Now we need a Livoti's Market in Tinton Falls!! Come on down Please!!!! I'm formerly from Matawan now in Tinton Falls.. We have "Taste of Italy" but it's nothing like Livoti's.

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                I've never cared for Taste of Italy. There is a good place that opened recently in Eatontown, next door to Far East Taste. Sorry but the name escapes me. There is also Aleo's in Lincroft which is very good, hands down the best fresh mozzerella around.

                None of those places are nearly as good as Livoti's in price or selection, which is why I've never found taking the trip up to Aberdeen to be objectionable.