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Feb 18, 2014 07:45 AM

Grating Nutmeg?

I think I am overthinking this, but is grating nutmeg more analogous to zesting a lemon or grating parmesan, i.e. are you just supposed to grate the outside like the zest or can you grate through the whole thing a la cheese?

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    1. I've never considered that you can't grate the whole thing.

      1. The hardest part is not grating your fingertips. I want every last bit!

        1. Like cheese. And you can keep the partially grated nut until you're done with it. Microplane is wonderful for this.

          1. Tin grater with room in the top for a couple of seeds for the old school. Lost the lid decades ago.

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              Same here - and those are still available, I got one recently for a friend who'd never seen one and loved it.

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                That's what we have - they are the best.

                1. re: INDIANRIVERFL

                  Same thing happened to me. LOL
                  I used to watch a short lived old 'talk/cooking' show with Judy LaMarsh from Vancouver. She used to always wear a neckless holding a tiny crater and a whole nutmeg.
                  She "put that **** in everything". LOL