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Feb 9, 2000 11:31 AM

Need 2 good dinner recommendations

  • j

My husband and I will only be in Montreal for 2 nights the end of this month - if you only had, unfortunately, two opportunities to eat at really good Montreal restaurants - which would you choose (I have also posted this on the Canada board)?

Thank you!

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  1. My 2-night plan (unconsummated) for last summer was to visit Toque (we were impressed by Cena) and Au Tournant de La Riviere in Carignan (youd need a car) the latter for more traditional French cuisine. If I couldnt get out of town, maybe Passe Partout. All involve major financial commitments, but in the Canadian dollar. Frankly two nights in a row of eating at this level, plus lunches, is a challenge. I hope you are climbing lots of hills in between. Enjoy!

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      Jen - Spent very little time in Montreal - loved Schwartz - medium smoked meat was superb - also stopped at Fairmount for bagels which were wonderful - especially the white seeded ones (maybe sesame?) - disappointed by Toque - nothing bad but nothing really outstanding or interesting - actually had the best foie gras at the Beaver Club in Reine Elizabeth Hotel where we stayed overnight - it was served warm with ginger and another ingredient that I don't recall - also had good caribou dish there

    2. Try L'Express on Rue St. Denis - its a lively bistro with Montrealers mostly. And La Colombe on Rue Duluth - its Quebecois/North African, very small and wonderful. You need reservations for both places. You bring your own wine to the latter. Have fun. Oh, for breakfast try La Binerie on Rue Mont Royal (?) A Montreal tradition.