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Feb 18, 2014 03:58 AM

Best Burger of 2014...

And, I nominate the "Heavenly Burger" of Citron and Rose.

It was not cheap, but it was heavenly, and it brought back memories
of my Mother's hamburgers to our daughter and me, but I did not admit
to the fact that I thought the C%R Burger was better.

Description: 12 oz of Ground Ribeye. C+R Made soft roll,
barbeque Beef cheek, leaf lettuce and pickles; accompanied by matzoh crusted onion rings, lime aioli...

This was $28 as described, but would have been $44 with Black Truffles, which we passed on. Because we were there for Happy Hour,
not dinner, we shared the burger dish, plus an assortment of bar snacks: $3 duck sausage taco and $5 for fantastic spicy tuna tartare (citrus, avocado fried nori; the citrus being tangerine and kumquat)

While the burger was perfect, no doubt about it, it was the barbequed
beef cheek that sent it over the top. Citron and Rose has Happy Hour
between 5 and 6:30pm Monday-Thursday, and maybe Sunday also,
but check as to availability of the Heavenly Burger. Bar snacks change
all the time, but I loved the choices the last time we did this.

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  1. Thanks for the great write up Bashful3. Were they able to cook it to temperature? I actually am not a fan of a burger that is greater than 1/2lb as the kitchen often is not able to get both a seer, and to cook it my medium rare preference.

    1. They were, but next time, I would order rare in a Kosher restaurant, as opposed to medium rare. It was seared and juicy, just perfect really. But, when home cooking,
      I prefer a burger a tad pinker than this one was. But, no complaint. I guess if I had known how fab it was, I would
      have suggested we each have one. It was just too good to have to share.

      You can't imagine what that barbecued beef cheek added
      to the dish. Actually, I was watching my daughter and hoping she couldn't finish, but no such luck!

      1. $28 and no foie gras? What are beef cheeks, like $4/pound? Wow, that crazy.

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          1. re: PhillyBestBYOB

            It has taken me a while to get used to $15 burgers; but I may never be able to swallow a $28 burger, pun intended.

          2. PhillyBest: Here's the thing. If I spend a lot for a relatively simply meal, and don't complain, you can be sure I felt it was worth the money. Citron and Rose is interesting. They have a very large, visible, excellent staff to support; this is not an inexpensive operation.
            They are providing outstanding quality at very high prices, and they seem to be pleasing their clientele, which is not limited to the observant. Not only that, but the Happy Hour bar snacks, most at $3 a choice are a value--a good way to try out Citron and Rose without paying top dollar.
            All drinks were half price during Happy Hour, but that just
            wasn't something I was into. It was fun, and I wanted to share.

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            1. re: Bashful3

              Rest assured, I defend your right to spend $28 for a $12 burger. I just won't join you. ;-)

            2. One of my best burgers of 2014 was consumed yesterday lunch at Marsha Browns in New Hope. Not sure after only one visit, I would suggest it is one of "THE BEST of 2014" but it was one of my best. I had the Louisiana burger with hot sauce, cheese and deep fried onions. It was almost done pink as ordered but not quite, close enough to not send it back., even though a bit off in cook it was very good. Served with spicy premise made chips which were terrific. We also enjoyed the Gumbo, very authentic base on my few visit to NO.