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Feb 18, 2014 01:02 AM

Does Anyone Know The Duffs Wing Sauce Recipe?


I was wondering if anyone knew the Duffs Wing Sauce recipe or something close to it as possible.

It is not just Franks, vinegar and butter/margerine like the Anchor Bar for example - it is more of a sour sort of taste which could be the kind of vinegar they use and the flavor is more than just Franks. There is some other type of sauce or ingredient added. Duffs clears my sinuses in a way that the Anchor Bar sauce and Franks do not.

I would greatly appreciate if anyone knows how Duffs makes their sauce from ingredients to preparing.

Thank you very much,


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    this question intrigued me since I've never had Duffs I couldn't go from experience or taste.
    but I found this online, perhaps you did too.
    I'll do it tonight with a large portion of double fried French fries and the standards of celery and carrots and what a better time to make MIL's classic Bleu cheese salad dressing.

    sauce made 1/2 batch (it's just my husband and I that are eating dinner). after tasting it, I added 1 tsp honey. just my taste, not suggesting you do the same. gotta get to market for chicken and bleu cheese.

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    1. re: iL Divo

      Thanks for posting this - I have not seen this before. Certainly looks more like Duffs.

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        I'm reading a thread about nutmeg on here as well today and thought, hum, should I grate some fresh nutmeg into my batch, then thought, uh noooooooo :)
        .....or maybe I'll half the recipe into 2 bowls and use a bit in one batch then toss 'my' chicken in it without ruining hubby's wings. still I think, maybe not such a great idea > sometimes, I gotta just learn to leave well enough alone...

    2. Have you tried this recipe, that you posted last time this discussion came up? If you've tried it, can you say what seemed right or wrong about it?

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      1. re: Chris VR

        Nothing is wrong with it per se - it just doesn't taste the same as if I walked into Duffs. Are you suggesting that this is the Duffs recipe?

        I am just asking if someone happens to know the exact recipe and not their own spin on it or what they think it is. Maybe someone worked there at some point for example.

        Without giving away the full recipe, someone did mention online that cider vinegar was used instead of white vinegar, so that's obviously an important factor if true.

        Anyway - like I said, just asking.

        1. re: Hey Man

          it's a good idea to see if (like you say) anyone reading this may have worked there at one time. doesn't hurt to try after all. I got a couple of great tips regarding requests I had made over the years and then others were never forth coming.
          Carol Fay's biscuits came my way totally as a shocker to me. I didn't know the sender but was so thankful that they'd read (somewhere) my ''oh please help me get this recipe''.........

      2. first- I am not familiar with Duff's as we've never eaten there nor heard of it. my take on this recipe is with not knowing the real Duff's so it may be just what you're looking for.

        dinner last night is over and we had this meal.
        one thing I did to the sauce after tasting it when it was made was add 1 tsp honey to it. it was too sharp for me and was hoping to cut that just a bit.

        husband took his first bite and made a face. I said "don't you like it honey?" and he said 'no'. he thought it was very strong. now that said, we aren't like many people who go out for wings on a regular basis. I've made them several times and have always enjoyed them. the standard sauce recipe I use from years ago was half hot sauce half butter. more often though I have no recipe and toss this and that into whatever flavor I'm going for which is sometimes even sweet/sour-lemon pepper-sweet tomato and basil or honey lemon with sesame seeds.

        wanted to post my results and be honest about results.
        sorry this particular recipe is a 'negatory' <husband+sons made up word.

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        1. re: iL Divo

          I appreciate your feedback - but the spicier the better for me. I also like a strong vinegar taste. I wouldn't like the honey addition. I totally understand if that kind of spice/flavor isn't for everyone though.

          1. re: Hey Man

            ok hey man...........
            so I posted this the other day while hubby was driving and it was too bumpy of a drive to post > I held off until later and it'd disappeared altogether.

            never mentioned too spicy in my results. didn't say it was too hot nor did I say it was too vinegary. while I was writing my reply that didn't get posted, I was eating salt and vinegar chips which are my favorite. so that wasn't it.
            the honey I added did nothing (because it was a tsp) that went in to a much bigger batch of ingredients to make a difference. I was just trying to cut the sharpness not make it sweet. it did neither.
            the world goes around better because for one, we all have different taste buds and what's pleasing to me won't be pleasing to you and vice versa.

            I tried that recipe for you to help you. for us it didn't work, again though for you, it may be just the ticket.
            have at it yourself and report back if you desire.........

            1. re: Hey Man

              hey man:

              did you ever try this?

              last night I'd taken out the bl/sl chicken thighs that I'd marinated in said sauce, and put in freezer bags for later use. as I said in up post, it wasn't to our taste so while it was in the freezer, I had time to think how I'd make it good.
              marinated the frozen chicken after it thawed in apricot jam and a few other flavors, dredged it before frying and it was quite good. for me, it saved a sauce that I'd have otherwise had no further use for.

          2. I would love the recipe. Live in Wyoming but visited Duff's and Anchor Bar. Anchor Bar was good, but not better than I make. Duff's on the other hand we the best I have ever had. Then again, they were rated best in the nation. So anyone who can help I would greatly appreciate it.