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Dec 10, 1999 09:14 AM

old style italian resto

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Looking for something out of the way and tired of those trendy Italian restos? Well La Cantina is the place for you. Excellent Italian food, old country atmosphere and warm service to boot. My suggestion is try one of their rizottos. La Cantina is at 9090 St-Laurent blvd in Montreal.

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    Steve Drucker

    Try Cacciatore on Jean Talone.

    Kitchy chianti bottle and fishnet decor, dubious no-smoking area. All the standards, done very well. (Take St. Laurent several miles from downtown, then right on Jean Talone about a mile, I think).

    Make it a whole morning's outing, as there is a very nice public market out its back door; and numerous bakeries, butchers, fish mongers and cheese stores surrounding the market.

    You won't be sorry, except for trying to figure out how to refrigerate all the stuff you buy for the remainder of your stay at your hotel. During various visits we have found ourselves with olives, cheese, sopressata salami and a Schwartz's smoked meat sandwhich leftover, and whisked it all thru US customs and back to Atlanta.

    Try the link below for useful Canadian restaurant info.


    1. Nice to know that someone else has the same name as I.
      See ya later Alex

      1. i would have to say la sila on rue st. denis excellent italian food, more like what i was raised on. i am italian and i prefer this style personally. old style italian and very nice place with stone walls etc. charm