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Feb 17, 2014 10:45 PM

Le Dix-Sept in San Francisco

In the canele thread, Prabhakar mentioned Le Dix-Sept Patisserie.

This was a reminder that I'd had a taste of a mini-tart at our BBQ chowdown at 4505 Meats. On Sundays, Le Dix-Sept sells at La Urbana on Grove & Divisadero.

This photo on its tumblr page shows the mini-tarts. I had the kind with the fine grating of coconut on top . . . but at this point I couldn't say exactly what flavor it was other than chocolate+. Still, I can say that it was magical.

Anyone else have something to share about Le Dix-Sept?

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  1. The tart we had was chocolate coconut milk - nothing fancy but like the best chocolate pudding in a little tart shell with coconut on top. I wasn't noticing any coconut flavor in the chocolate per se.

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      Thanks for the deets, and especially for scoping out La Urbana and sharing with me. Do you recall the price?