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Feb 17, 2014 10:29 PM

Eataly in Toronto? Tell us what you know!!

With so many rumours and denials I thought I would start a thread where CH detectives can share what they know!

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  1. Interesting article... question is where? Hazelton Lanes is big enough (and empty enough) but you cant open an Eataly in the same building as a Whole Foods. Cumberland Terrace is going Condo, as is Holt Renfrew Centre. One interesting option would be the current Bay Store on Bloor. They just announced that it will not be the Flagship Saks store in Toronto (that will be the downtown Bay store re-branded). So do we really need two Saks that close? Does it make sense to have a "discount" Bay store on Bloor st? It would have the space for a large "Eataly" as well a transit access & Parking and if they blow out the front wall great street access with plenty of Patio room for main floor restaurants...

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          I've always thought that the fact the bay façade is not open to the street was a big fail

        2. My guess would be they will make a deal for the retail space of a new "to be built" or "under construction" condo in the area and that is why the timing is 3+ years out (according to some posts in other threads and tweets by CNS, etc). It would make sense for them to be in brand new space and a prime location that the new buildings afford.

          The Bay Store idea is a good one too. That reno and the plan to bring a glass frontage seems likes it is going to take a lot of work!

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            There are few large condo projects on prime streets in the Yorkville area.
            - The Hold Renfrew condo project but they will be putting Holts back in.
            - Another interesting option would be the condo currently under construction on the South East corner of Yonge & Bloor.
            Can't think of any other Condo projects in the area where they would have the room and access to put in a store of Eataly size...