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Feb 17, 2014 09:59 PM

Chicago Pizza in the mail?!

Hello! We live in Southern California & want to have some Chicago Pizza delivered to our home. Any suggestions for the best over-night pizza delivery?! Thanks in advance!

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  1. Malnatis, through Tastes of Chicago. Can't beat the deals with overnight shipping included. Sent them to our kids when they were away at college:

    1. We've gotten delivery from Malnati's before. Just be aware that it's not even close to the original. It's good for nostalgia primarily, and it's a bit expensive for that.

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        I am curious when you say "not even close to the original?" This pizza is supposed to be exactly the same one that they serve in the restaurant (unlike Unos). You are correct that your oven may not be the same and, therefore, the preparation not exactly right, but the ingredients are supposed to be unchanged from the restaurant. Did you have a different experience and the pizza was truly different in taste?

      2. None here, but many, many thanks for the memories. Ah, for the good old days before the bad guys ruined it on 9/11. We used to carry-on across the country a couple frozen(on advance request) indulgences from either Uno's or Giordano's. Some flight crews even spared us dry ice to slip into the package.

        P.S. Then there were the Arthur Bryant ribs at the Kansas City x-ray station. When we reclaimed the package, we said Arthur Bryant and smiled when one inspector said to the other: "Told you so."