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Feb 17, 2014 07:56 PM

Looking for Private Chef/Catering for a group of 13

Hi all,

I'm putting a very small wedding at a bed & breakfast -- only 13 people. We're looking to provide a fine-dining style experience for dinner: cooked to order meals, artfully presented, with some creative twists. We've been a little disappointed with the more traditional caterers we have met with so far.

Anyone know any catering or personal chef style operations that could do an event like this really well? We would need them to provide staffing too.


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    1. I'd second Bigley9's suggestion. Over the top wonderful if he would do it. Memorable.

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        Thanks for the Shola rec Bigley and Bashful. We have a mixed group including people who don't eat fish, people who dont eat red meat steaks, people who like their steak well done... Shola's food looks great to me but does anyone know if he would be easy enough to work with that he would do some "safe" options that would still be look beautful and be a little more interesting than typical catering fare?

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            Doesn't hurt to ask, but I've never had anything "safe" from Shola. He gets my vote for the best chef in Philly.

            I have been invited to a couple of dinners he catered for 20 people in private homes, but was unfortunately never able to attend.

            I've no experience with them, but Chip Roman of Blackfish/Mica fame does have a catering arm:


        1. FYI, ex-Koo Zee Doo owners David Gilberg and Carla Gonçalves now do catering:

          1. Barryg, Shola would be up for your challenge: brilliant food, but designed to suit the limitations of many in your party. My take on him anyway. A lot of pride.

            For sure, there would be nothing like 'typical catered fare' in whatever he would suggest to you. Why not ask him?

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              Agree that Shola has a lot of pride and in fact l am now banned from his events due to an issue sort of pride related.
              One of my groups there had a person who had an allergy to the entire onion family and one who had a very severe shellfish allergy. All meals and there were about 15 of them over the years were stellar and no one felt they missed anything with these two categories eliminated.
              It will be his way or the highway as he has little patience but with a meeting of the minds you will have a truly spectacular meal and occasion.

            2. Following up:

              We did get in touch with Shola/studiokitchen. It sounded like he would do a great job, but was a little too expensive for us.

              We ended up going with Charles Roman Catering, the catering arm of Chip Roman of Blackfish & Mica fame. They put together exactly what we were looking for at a very fair price. They were great to work with, and the food, presentation and service were all fantastic. Definitely provided a restaurant quality meal, and one of the best things was that they offered options for each course -- something the big caterers were not willing to do, even the expensive ones.

              The price was a little more than the standard caterers we met with, but less than Starr and Garces, who we also spoke with. Great experience all around.

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                That is good to know. It seems tough to find small scale catering.
                Was it your own wedding? If so, congrats!