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Feb 17, 2014 07:25 PM

South TUS: Monday night birthday dinner

Looking for some interesting recommendations for a Monday dinner in two weeks. After a week in Patagonia, we'll be spending my birthday evening near the airport, close to friends who're living in the Drexel Heights area, and we aren't hugely interested in driving all the way north to the Foothills, etc. Monday's somewhat of a problem, as is the area. Heck, I'd happily go to one of the hotdog/taco joints (BK/EGC) but am wondering if anyone has a much better idea. Price no object, but we're always thrilled to try anything interesting, especially ethnic of ANY kind, as long as it's good. TIA.

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  1. Wrong side of town in terms of options for a bday dinner. People love Saing Thai, which is off of Valencia in Rita Ranch. I find it hit or miss.

    Maybe head downtown, if you take 1-10 it's only 10 ish minutes.

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      Any downtown faves you might recommend that'll be open on a Monday?