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Apr 6, 1999 10:17 AM

Montreal Restaurant Recommendations

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Does anyone have a few recommendations for restaurants
in Montreal? I will be there in a few weeks and need
some ideas for a large group (8 or so) and a more
intimate meal with vegetarian options at both. Thanks

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  1. s
    stephen kaye

    we had a great meal at Toque on st. dennis. sorry I don't have ph#

    1. Had a really excellent meal at Medeteraneo (not sure
      of the spelling). I think its on St. Laurent. Its very
      hip, relatively new and in an interesting neighborhood.

      1. n
        nadine lavictoire

        mardi je suis aller dans un super de bon et beau restaurant tres accueillant. le bazou sur hotel de ville a cote du jello-bar.le type de restaurant est apporter votre vin.le menu est bien mais le gingembre et l'arachide revienne souvent.