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new flavor triscuits: what do you think of them?

Saw an ad for brown rice and sweet potato triscuits. Sounded good. Anyone have a chance to try the variety of new flavors they came out with and have thoughts? Keeper or another passing fad?

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  1. I've tried a few - the ones you mentioned, rosemary & olive oil, dill & olive oil - and I've liked them all. Better than the original in fact, though those still have a place in my (formerly) adolescent stomach.

    1. I tried the brown rice ones - kinda bland & so-so.

      1. "Hint Of Salt" are actually edible.

        1. When they first came out I wrote an OP asking as well. I found the sweet potato an interesting choice but kind of on the oily side. The black bean was too salty for my tastes but I haven't tried any of the other flavors.

          1. Are they gluten free or something?

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              No they are not GF. Wheat is in every one of the flavors.

            2. Really like the Brown Rice Sea Salt & Black Pepper. Oh man, so good that I got another box this week as well as a box of Brown Rice Baked with Red Bean - Roasted Red Pepper Flavor. Seriously, that's the name. Won't be going there again. The S&P are so much better.

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                  tris-kwee: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEb-n1...

                  that's the ad i've seen on youtube. cute play on people's pretensions.

                  my sis tried the new rice combos and said nobody at their party liked them.

                2. I've tried the flavored ones, brown rice, find them a bit bland.

                  1. I really like the rye with caraway seeds; they remind me of "salt sticks" (think long skinny bagels with salt and caraway) that my parents used to get at the bagel shop.

                    The dill/olive oil ones are okay, nothing special, but they're making me crave Havarti cheese.

                    1. Haven't tried any yet, but reading the posts here got me interested in trying the rosemary/olive oil. Mrs. O likes having crackers on hand, so I'll go get some. BR sea salt & pepper seems like it'd be nice too. I don't buy Triscuits as a rule, but like to find them on buffet tables, especially if there's cream cheese.

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                        i LOVE the rosemary olive oil regular triscuits, and the black pepper and rye ones are terrific, too. just WISH they made those flavors low-sodium. i'm not normally a low sodium person, but these are over the top….

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                          I live on the rye triscuits, I found the olive oil and black pepper to have an odd taste.

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                            rye is good with tuna salad on top

                            also, you can top with reuben sandwich ingredients and broil.

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                              I'm a rye triscuits chicĂ  too!
                              So good with the artichoke dip from Costco.

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                              I got the olive oil and salt pepper ones a few weeks ago and I can't finish the box due to the extreme saltiness. I ate about six of them and haven't touched them since. They also taste or have a mouthfeel of having some kind of onion flavouring powder.

                              I'm so close to tossing these in the trash and I HATE throwing away food. I think I may have to admit defeat with these. I can't believe in this day and age the Triscuit folks haven't ramped down the salt a lot.

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                                if you like casseroles (and i do), crush the triscuits and use them to make eggplant casserole.

                                blend the crushed triscuits with peeled and diced eggplant, a good cup or so (or more, if you like) of shredded cheddar cheese, two eggs and low-sodium campbell's cream of mushroom soup.

                                bake at 350. for maybe 45 minutes? just look for firming and light browning.

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                              I ground up some of the black pepper ones & used the crumbs to bread some blah b/s chicken breasts & pan-fried. Held up well to the cooking and added much needed flavor.

                              Also like the low salt ones just for straight munching. Well, with a schmear of creamy havarti and a few bits of sun dried tomatoes.

                            4. I like ones such as the rosemary & olive oil or the garlic that are baked in flavors. They have even newer types, such as the fire roasted tomato that are a horrid tasting dusting of chemical flavor on the outside, like Doritos, leaving foul & salty residue on fingers.

                              1. I tried the roasted tomato and the sweet potato ones. They are rather oily and fairly high in calories. I will probably not buy them again.
                                The flavors were ok but I think chips taste better when flavors are added, I like more plain crackers.

                                1. I just tried the roasted sweet onion flavor of the brown rice with sweet potato line. LOVE THEM! They are very close in nutritional values to my standard cracker, TJ's 12-Grain, the only significant differences being the much higher fiber content and lower price of the latter. Were it not for the cost, I'd switch to the Triscuit as my go-to cracker. These are not very salty - 85mg per 1oz portion (6 pieces).

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                                    I've tweaked the consumption protocol - split the Triscuit into 4 strips and eat each one between two of the TJ 12-grain crackers for the perfect salt/crunch level.

                                  2. Most of the flavors haven't quite spoken to me, but I'm loving the rye and caraway ones.

                                    1. Though it's a bit salty, I really like the roasted red pepper flavor.

                                      1. I have not tried the new flavors but I am quite taken with the new mini size of the original