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Feb 17, 2014 05:35 PM

bergerac - great new lounge/restaurant [San Francisco]

this place took over what used to be the bottom floor of the awful 18+ club MIST (the upstairs is now a better-looking but still not great club owned by the same people as bergerac, but that's a different story).

lots of couches downstairs, very comfortable spot, nicely decorated. cocktails are excellent - they have both some traditional cocktails, and some high-end takes on less serious cocktails (daquiris, grasshoppers, etc.). food is basic simple comfort food small plates. tried a bunch of different stuff - truffle fries, mac and cheese, deviled eggs, flatbread, all well done. highlight was definitely the build your own korean tacos - amazing meat. definitely a great addition to the area, and a good casual alternative to bar agricole for high-quality cocktails without the high food prices.

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  1. I like Bergerac as well. Cocktails are well made, and the space is welcoming and warm. Bartenders are very friendly - no attitude. Great alternative to Bar Agricole.

    1. I was thinking about meeting an associate there. Do you have a sense if it is quiet enough to have a conversation ... on the earlier side of the evening, say ~5-8, dont mean 11pm on Sat nite?

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        I live right around the corner from Bergerac - it's usually pretty quiet early in the evening, but of late they've had a DJ in the room spinning House (not exactly fitting the decor/ambiance) and the dance club upstairs gets extremely loud on the weekends.

        1. re: khelvan

          Hi, thanks for the details. Will move forward with BERGERAC plan then.

          Was looking for a place with food, so ruled out HOLY WATER in BERNAL.

        2. re: psb

          that should be fine. if you don't need food though, i'd recommend WISH around the corner - will be quieter.