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Aug 13, 1999 11:40 AM

Montreal: Les Caprices or La Maree?

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A followup to an earlier query about romantic
restaurants in Montreal...

I have gotten some new leads on two places I hear have
excellent food with very romantic atmospheres: Les
Caprices de Nicholas (rue Drummond) and La Maree (in
Old Montreal)

Wondering whether any chowhounds out there have tried
these place or could recommend them?

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  1. h
    Hopeless Romantic

    Just noticed someone DID describe Les Caprices as
    austere (and apologize for blowing past that
    message first time)...but wondering if the indoor
    garden area is warmer? And if anyone's tried La Maree.

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    1. re: Hopeless Romantic

      Les Caprices is a bit austere, but the indoor/outdoor
      garden is quite lovely. The food, as I mentioned
      before, is top notch. Everything we had was
      wonderful, especially the sauteed sweatbread appetizer
      (the best I have ever had). The service is very
      professional, but maybe too formal and ridgid.

      I would definitely recommend Les Caprices de Nicolas
      on its own, but since I have never been to La Maree, I
      can give no comparative guidance.

      1. re: Alex

        Woops, I meant Sweetbread!

    2. My husband and I had lunch at La Maree
      the last day of our visit. Very nice, formal
      service. I had a fennel and orange salad and then
      sauteed scallops with a white wine and cream
      sauce (I think). Very good.

      Food preparation is French but nothing
      on the order of the creativity of what
      I've read of Les Caprices. Go to Les Caprices

      1. My son will be 18 on Saturday and would like to celebrate at Les Caprices de Nicolas
        Is it a good idea and how pricy is it ????
        We've heard it's good food ... another reason for that choice, my son's name is Nicolas ....
        If not could you suggest something else ....