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Winter blues - good intentions gone out the window?

The never ending winter (I'm in the northeast). I try to eat healthfully and really cut back on candy and "bad" stuff after December...but recently found myself having a pity party with a bag of peanut M&M (leftover fun size packs from Halloween, knew I should have ditched them). Anyone else finding their resolve melting faster than the snow possibly could? Family size mac+cheese...for one?

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  1. About 90 minutes ago, I made bubble & squeak (serves four). It's gone now.

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        Bubble & squeak. I omit the meat because I omit meat, generally.


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        Oh it's been way too long since I have had bubble & squeak!!

      3. In winter I have more cravings but for the most part I say "no."

        1. Yes... combo if it being winter, and having a busy schedule in general... find myself cooking less, eating out more, and eating more convenience foods.

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            Ditto on all accounts. The main reason for me is my husband works nights during the winter (he's a plow driver). I find myself not motivated to cook for just myself.

            I do try to make healthy casseroles every so often so we can graze on the leftovers.

          2. Omg yes! All I want to do is stay in bed and eat. Luckily I got a delicious and huge chocolate heart for Valentine's day. It's keeping me sane! I need to get the shovelling calories from something right?

            1. Ohh yesssss. Nothing like a snowstorm to make me want to bake a huge batch of cookies. We've had 3 snowstorms so far this week. Yup.

              1. Yup. More desserts eaten this past month than in the prior year. And working out a bit less. It's been a rough are tiring winter.

                1. Actually i have had the opposite reaction lately- i have convinced myself that if i start making plans for good weather, eating super healthy and working out that IT WILL BE SPRING!!
                  This has to stop soon, doesn't it?? I just bought new flip flops that i'll be rockin' the day it turns 50!

                  1. I just ordered a box of buttercreams from See's candies.

                    1. I was about to answer yes, but then I thought of all the hot summer nights when dinner is a hot fudge sundae and a couple of cold beers. So it's possible I'm just a glutton with occasionally awful eating habits, regardless of the season.

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                        That's just for cooling purposes, LL.

                      2. Yes!! My motivation for doing anything other than laying on the bed or couch has definitely decreased. Luckily, I have a job so I'm forced to not do this the entire day, but on the weekends, I will frequently sleep until 1 or 2 pm. :/ I still work out about the same, but it's a struggle. I'm also craving more foods, and bad foods. Again, keeping up with my usual diet and exercise routine has just become more difficult this Winter.

                        1. I like winter, so it is not the general season that gets me eating, it is the holidays! The nonstop roller coaster of eating that starts with Thanksgiving and ends... well, that's the hard part. My husband and I have made a huge effort to omit all the "crap" which we are really trying to do. I'm not sure if we have actually lost any of the holiday weight, but I know I feel better about myself not eating all the extra sweets and big meals.

                          1. I lost 8 pounds over the last three months of 2013 and gained it all back the first two of 2014. This winter has just been horrible.

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                              Aww man!! :( I feel your pain. That would really grind my gears. I swear I feel more "soft" this past month or 2, but according to the scale, I'm still on track.

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                                I've been on a giant sweet craving lately but, I seem to have lost weight, which is yay! I think I've lost it however by shovelling several times a day and dragging my four year old to school through the snow. I would honestly rather not have to deal with all this useless white stuff. Snow since November and yesterday was the first time we could build a snowman! Now it's raining. All my eavestroughs are frozen. Fml. Sorry end rant guys! Sometimes it's hard to see the silver lining.

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                                  Yes, we've been getting pounded with the snow, as well in my area. I live in a condo, though so I don't get the added benefit of having to shovel.

                            2. Yes. Watching the snow fall AGAIN, and I usually reach for a trail mix bought at BJ's Wholesale Club - peanuts, almonds, cashews, raisins, and M&Ms. I try and limit it to less than 1 cup at a time, but last night.....well, let's just say I rolled up the stairs to bed.

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                                AGAIN! Wow! It's 55 here today I thought warmer weather had moved up the coast too. Maybe it's on the way :)

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                                  Ohhh no - not today. Although it did yesterday, which is why I had to shovel again, which is why I ate too much trail mix after eating dinner. :-)

                              2. It's 80 here right now, and I just made yet another batch of almond butter cookies. I have no excuses. Other than gluttony.

                                1. Glad to know it's not just me, that's all I can say. I have to have my bloodwork redone, and I still can't be good.

                                  1. I can relate to all of this, big time. In the midwest, every winter regardless of snowfall, I have had been tempted to make and eat carbs. The desire to have something like a treat to combat the feelings of being blue in the face of ongoing winter, and the desire to cook--anything, were always so hard to combat.

                                    I can imagine how awful the temptations are in what sounds like an interminable winter with snow, ice, snow, ice, etc.

                                    I live now in the PNW, where it is interminably cloudy and rainy for months on end. So I am still fighting the same impulses. I have been eating too many carbs in the last few weeks. I have been careful, but still, I am eating too many. I don't generally binge any more. But carbohydrates are so tempting this time of year.

                                    The only bright spots for me are the garden catalogs that come. And I am hoping for some gardening time in the next couple of weeks. First we need a couple days of dry weather but that is in the forecast. If I start moving around outside I'll feel better. And if I get through doing taxes. Ugh!

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                                      This! I eat relatively low-carb generally, but I am fantasizing about big, steaming bowls of pasta all. goddamn. day.

                                      I've been craving sugar more than usual, too. Willpower is really all I have (oh, and the scale moving up ever so slightly each day is a big motivation to cut it out!!).

                                      1. re: linguafood

                                        For me it is health.

                                        We eat out and it is murder not eating carbs. I find sugar in everything. Last night we had ribs, and I literally could not eat the slaw or beans. Every single thing on the plate was too sweet, except for the ribs which I had asked for unsauced.

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                                          Well, I have no health issues whatsoever that would require me to avoid carbs, but I find it an easy way to keep/bring my weight down for the most part.

                                    2. I had a christmas crack stashed for my usual spring sore throat. Some hounds call the peppermint chocolate bark from Costco Christmas Crack. It mysteriously got dug out from where it was hidden and opened and my throat is just fine. It gets worse. I got a box of belgium chocolates from Costco to try and thought the peppermint chocolate would be a nice "side dish" to go with.
                                      Baked brie is also making twice weekly appearances. I usually serve this with slices apples, oranges and grapes but last night the only fruit was the cherry preserves drizzed over the brie.

                                      1. In the last three weeks, I have fallen into a pasta and/or bread binge mode. I managed to avoid it for two horrible winter months but my resolve couldn't outlast this crud winter.

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                                          I've been making healthy soups since New Years, always at least two on hand at all times....but last night I made a chicken pot pie instead. Sigh. It's almost like soup, right?

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                                            I understand this totally. I would eat a homemade chicken pot pie if presented to me right now!

                                        2. Ugh. We complained at Christmas that we received too much candy. We dutifully separated out a good deal of it to repurpose. Yep, it's almost all gone and none was repurposed :(