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Feb 17, 2014 05:15 PM

Good restaurant near train station in venice

Can anyone recommend a good place for lunch near the train station in venice? We get in around noon and I am sure we will be hungry after a long flight. Thank you.

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  1. Right out of train station on rio tera Lista di Spagna are mostly quick snack places and tourist trap trattorie. Nothing to recommend for a sit down lunch. How are you getting to your hotel/apartment? if you are walking, where in Venice are you heading for. That will give some clue what are your best options for a lunch. Also what day of the week.

    1. Thank you PBSF, we are staying not far from the train station. We get in on a Thursday and we just want to drop our bags and eat locally before meeting the rest of our group later that afternoon.
      Thank you again.

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        I'll just assume that you will be staying in Cannairegio and not cross the bridge outside the train station to Santa Croce. As I stated earlier, there is nothing to recommend for a sit down lunch in that area.That area is nothing but fast food and hotel restaurants with a view of the Grand Canal, some of the worst food in Venice. The nearest for a decent lunch without getting lost is de Luca & Fred on the main thoroughfare, Rio Tera San Leonardo. It has a set lunch for around 12 euros that can be quite good. Better is a little further down the same thoroughfare (changes name) to the beginning of Strada Nuova where the excellent bacari, La Cantina. It has simple composed plates. Not cheap but the ingredients are very good. There are several good eating places off the Strada but it is difficult to give any more recommendations without knowing more because Venice is not easy to navigate for a first timer; getting lost is great in Venice but not if one is hungry, jet lagged and need to be on a schedule.

      2. If you are flying in maybe you will be arriving at the bus terminal (Piazzale Roma)? also, you may be staying across the Grand Canal from the station and not in Canneregio? if you give a bit more info, better recommendations can be given.