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Feb 17, 2014 04:22 PM

sourdough bread bakery in DC area

Just moved here from the San Francisco area, and looking for a good bakery. My favorite is a heavy rye sourdough, but I would settle for anything that has a good crust and good taste. My household hasn't moved yet, so I can't bake myself. In desperation, I bought a bread mix from IKEA, in the oven right now, in a pie pan.
I found a decent whole wheat bread in Edgewater at an Italian deli, but living in Beltsville, that's a bit far. Any recommendation? (Still dreaming of firebrand bakery in Oakland, CA, the BEST)

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  1. I don't know a lot about sourdough. The best bread I can think of in this general area (Catonsville) is:
    Atwater's which is available at several farmer's market and has several stores
    The Breadery (some things are a lot better than others

    Farther away:
    Firehook, Lyon Bakeries are not nearby, but have nice bread.

    There also is a Wegman's in Columbia and Whole Foods in Silver Spring that have sourdough.

    Snider's Grocery in Silver Spring also used to carry some good bread that was in paper bags in shopping carts, but again I have not been in a while.

    Maybe others will give you the ones I have missed.

    I would bet that none of these are as good as back home, but ....

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      Thanks for all the suggestions! I got a good Russian style bread from Firehook, saw Atwater breads - will try the next time I need bread.

    2. Try the Silver Spring farmers market on Sat.

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        Great suggestion, thanks. There is Talking Breads, from Pennsylvania. No heavy rye, good tasting fig/Anis bread, a little overpowered by the anis, and the best tasting Ciabatta I ever had. I will certainly be back for more.

      2. bribe the sous chefs at Central and RIS to find out where they source their breads.

        can't answer the sourdough question, but after living in SF about the best casual baguette or boule in DC was from Marvelous Market or Pain Quotidien. surely there's better.

        you may have to beg a starter culture from a friend out West (with booster shots of bacteria every few months), I fully believe there's something in the air out there that affects it.

        1. If you ever make it out to the NOVA area, there is a Cenan Bakery off of 123. They have the best 'true European' homemade style breads, and amazing desserts. It is a bit on the pricey side, but it is one of a kind of a bakery, hands down.

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            Back in the day Cenan was one of the first, if not the first, local bakeries to put out something called a "ciabatta." 8<D

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              There's an awful lot of "123" in NOVA.

              Cenan's Bakery is in a strip shopping center where Beulah Rd dead-ends at Maple Ave (route 123). They do indeed list several varieties of sourdough bread.

              Does this make you drool?
              The taste, the aroma that everyone remembers - and up to now has been unable to find. A treasured sourdough starter is, very simply put, our secret. A perfectionist crust and a just-right moist texture inside.

            2. Try in bethesda. They have fantastic bread.