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Feb 17, 2014 03:12 PM

New (sort of) Organic Market YYC

Just happened to be pulling into the Superstore on 130th SE when Mrs. Scary gave me the command to veer right and pull into the parking lot next door, She had espied a new food market which required investigating. Mrs. Greens Natural Market ( a subsidiary of Planet Organic) opened in Calgary on Nov 1. It is much like PO but about 3-4 times the size with a broader product line, as well as an in-store café. It's pricy but carries a lot of product other retailers don't. I am puzzled by the location because it would seem to me to be more at home in downtown condoland like similar stores in big US cities. Anyway, go there, let's keep it open.

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  1. Here's my Mrs. Green's story:

    I went there in its opening week. I tried to buy two delicata squashes. There were three cashiers at my till and neither of them could identify the squash variety. That's fine - squash ID takes some practice. 10 minutes later, one of the girls comes back with a code and it rings in at $8 a pound! It was almost $15 for two squashes. The cashier didn't even bat an eye at this. Luckily I caught it and said "I am not paying that much for squash", bought the other items in my cart and left.

    Besides that, I was disappointed to learn that Mrs. Green's is a sister company of Planet Organic so I could find pretty much everything at the PO that's only 5 minutes from my house (compared to MG which was 20 mins). I was hoping they would have some interesting new deli items but it's all the same as PO.

    To add to my disappointment, I didn't find any products there that I couldn't find (for cheaper) at either PO, Community Natural Food or Amaranth.

    1. Interesting find, but that's a little far for us - maybe we'll give it a whirl when we head down to Ikea.

      1. Great! I will check it out. Glad to see a store of interest close to me.