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Mar 10, 1999 09:29 AM

Other Montreal restaurants?

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Dear Chowhounders:

My husband and I are going to Montreal in
June. The posts about Montreal eating
on the boards are informative but what
do people think about Les Chenets or
Chez La Mere Michel or Chez Queux?
A good wine list is important to my husband.

We wil probably visit Cena to taste
Chef Laprise's cooking.

Grace Lee

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  1. j
    Jake Klisivitch

    I grew up in Montreal, but curiously, have almost no
    experience with high-end French restaurants... If you
    wanna know about various brilliant holes in the wall
    that don't have any wine lists, let me know.

    I have heard that Mere Michel has seen better days,

    Good luck, and please post when you get back!

    1. Suggest you find a copy of Where to Eat in Canada by
      Ann Hardy, sort of a long-running home-made Michelin
      Guide, which is quite reliable (if you can obtain the
      current edition; there are definitely changes is the
      recommendations from year to year) and scrupulous.

      There is also a pamphlet restaurant guide put in both
      English and French (but usually findable only in the
      French version) by the liquor authority or trade group
      in the Province of Quebec. It can be obtained from
      the Quebec provincial tourist authority and rates and
      describes restaurants throughout the province based on
      their food and cellars quality and ambiance. Also a
      very good and I believe essentially non-commercial
      resource (no advertising) with solid information.

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      1. re: jen kalb

        Thanks for the suggestions. I checked
        and they have "Where to Eat in Canada."

      2. Hello all. I wanted to mention that in my research
        I found a few sites that were especially helpful
        in researching restaurants.

        Montreal Online ( has a good set of restaurant reviews and a searchable database, not to mention video cams of Montreal.

        Boulevard Montreal
        The restaurants section ("Resto") has a lot of capsule
        reviews that were helpful in picking aplace.

        Happy eating,