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Feb 17, 2014 01:39 PM

Oregon Coast - Central- Where to dine?

We've been to the Central OR coast many times, but not in about 4-5 years. We'll be staying in Depoe Bay and would like some recommendations for dinner no more than 20-30 minutes away. In the past we've liked Blackfish Grill and Bay House in Lincoln City; Salishan in Gleneden Beach; and Canyon Way Bookstore, Saffron Salmon and April's in Newport. Are some of these still good? Are there any better choices in the area?

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  1. Bay House is always good! Salishan has gone way downhill IMHO.

    1. Newport: Saffron Salmon still good. Also Local Ocean & Kam Meng. Yes really. Chinese food at the coast. Who knew?

      1. We *really* enjoyed Tidal Raves in Depoe Bay last summer. It was so good (especially the alder smoked prawns!) that we rearranged our schedule so we could come back for lunch the next day.

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          Agree that Tidal Raves is a good place for lunch. We're looking for good dinner spots...other than those I've already mentioned.

        2. Should we consider Restaurant Beck at the Whale Cove Inn in Depoe Bay?

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            Yes! It's a beautiful venue, the service is excellent and the food creative. It's probably the most expensive of the ones you mentioned but a great stop.

            We enjoyed Bay House a couple of weeks ago - hadn't been for a couple of years after a bad experience. Tidal Raves is also reportedly very good but we've never been able to get a table when we want one. Is there a reason you just think of it for lunch? Maybe their hours have changed since you've been...

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              I guess we always think of Tidal Raves as a lunch spot because of it's very casual ambiance and wonderful view which is obviously better by day. We generally stay at the Channel House in Depoe Bay, and Tidal Raves is so local that we typically pop in there for chowder and/or a sandwich for lunch.

              I guess for dinner we prefer something a bit "fancier" and thus prefer spots such as the Bay House and guess we'll hit Restaurant Beck this time. Perhaps we'll try April's in Nye Beach this timeā€¦or, other ideas??

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                I think Tidal Raves has remodeled in the last couple of years - it seems to have a little more of an upscale look now. Curious if it's how you remember. Like I said, I've never been.

                Restaurant Beck is definitely "fancier" and more what you have in mind. It's completely different from just about any restaurant along the coast. See if they have one of their guest rooms available for a tour- they are beautiful.

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                  Actually we've see the beautiful guest rooms there before and this time we're staying's the Whale Cove Inn...same ownership as the more modest, but still beautiful, Channel House where we've stayed many times before.

                  This part of the OR coast is beautiful, great for whale watching, and has some really nice places to eat...and drink the wonderful OR wines!

          2. Local Ocean in Newport. We're from Southern California, but if we're within a half day of Newport on any trip, we'd make a side trip to eat there. Wonderful food, good wines, prices not cheap but more than fair for the quality.

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              Local Ocean is awesome but that is definitely on the casual side and more lunch-like. It's my favorite lunch spot on the coast though!