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Feb 17, 2014 01:09 PM

Ticino Pizzeria opening on Wed (Feb 19), Bermondsey Street, London

Ticino, a bakery on Bermondsey Street near Zucca, is opening a pizzeria roughly across the street from Zucca. Been watching this place for a while; recent sign on the window says that they would open on Wed.

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  1. The magherita pizza is good. A bit of chewy layer in the crust before a somewhat crisp base that was very lightly scorched in parts. I did wish it was even crispier, but I wish that for nearly all the pizza I've had in a long while. Tomato sauce is a basic, solid rendition; might benefit a little from a good drizzle of olive oil. Enjoyed the mozzarella -- stringy, slightly chewy, with a good milky flavour that contrasted the acidity of the tomato sauce. A pleasant aroma of basil from two leaves. Pizzas are from £7.50 to £14 iirc.

    For comparison, the pizza has lightly different pros and cons to places like Franco Manca (which has maybe slightly better crust, but less impressive mozzarella). I was disappointed with Santa Maria the one time I went but will probably try them again. My favourite might still be the one at Il Baretto in Marylebone, but it's also a lot pricier and thus loses out on price/performance. Will be interesting to see how Franco Manca does when it opens on Bermondsey Street.

    Excellent tiramisu, loved the rich mascarpone with just a (surprisingly pleasant) hint of plastery texture, a touch amaretto-like flavour, coming together nicely with the coffee and cream and cakey bits. Served in a martini glass. Desserts are £5ish.

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      Have you tried Bravi Ragazzi yet in Streatham? Very good pizza, imho.

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        Haven't - will have to put on the list; many thanks!