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Feb 17, 2014 12:28 PM

Shrimp heads wasted

I worked in sales/marketing in the shrimp industry for twenty years after I left the kitchen. What blows my mind is that in America, where we prefer our shrimp headless, the heads are not utilized. I always thought if I was going to start a business it would be processing wild Gulf shrimp heads to make great soups, stocks or bases. There's so much flavor in the heads which could be extracted by heat or even cold pressed. Now that I'm too old to pursue this, please somebody grab this opportunity a make a million. It's such a waste!

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    Or someone should dredge them in flour, deepfry them and make sell them as shrimp-head snacks. That's what I do with my shrimp heads. Yummy!!!

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    This is not an idea or advice but I must tell of the time I was in a seafood mkt. in Florida. A woman came in while I was getting finished with my order. She asked for shrimp. The clerk pointed to the shrimp in front of her. They had heads on and she protested that they were not shrimp. The person waiting on her said sure they are and took one out of the case to show her. He pulled off the head, she was so shocked that she could not get out of there fast enough. She spun her tires on gravel attempting to flee. We all got a good laugh.

    BTW, the Kroger I shop in, here in Indiana sells head on raw shrimp.