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Feb 17, 2014 11:40 AM

Sabang - Wheaton

Hello - Wheaton used to have a fabulous Indonesian restaurant - Sabang, until they closed in 2007 or so. Sabang had a terrific menu, but one of the items that I can't seem to find anywhere is the name of that green glutinous dessert made from rice that was in a pool of palm sugar/coconut milk syrup (I believe). Does anyone remember the name of the dessert? Thanks!

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  1. Perhaps it was a pandan version of bubur sumsum? Bubur sumsum is Indonesian rice pudding:

    and, to me, green often makes me think of pandan (see pandan cake).

    That said, the green could also be avocado-based as well (a la the chocolate avocado smoothie you often see at Indonesian restaurants). Bangkok Golden often does an avocado sticky rice dessert.

    ETA: There are some very green bubur sumsum pandan pics out there:

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      Thanks so much for the reply!

      That recipe looks delicious and like something i would like to try making! Unfortunately, it isn't quite what they used to serve. It was a bit more glutinous.

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        I miss it from 20 years ago. The restaurant that was there under that name it's last 5 years or so was a pale shadow of the original.

      2. As Indonesian, My guess about that grren glutinous dessert is Es Cendol. If you happen to travel to NY (elmhurst area), you will find this cendol sold at any Indonesian restaurant/shop.

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          Hi - thanks for the reply! In my experience, Es Cendol is typically cold. Is there a version of warm es cendol? This restaurant served the dessert in a palm/brown sugar syrup.

        2. This fabulous dessert you are looking for can be found at Satay Sarinah,Van Dorn street in Alexandria.