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Feb 17, 2014 11:39 AM

Best noodles/ramen in Vegas?


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  1. my friend is from japan, and she goes to fukumimi ramen every time she visits
    says it is the best ramen outside of japan
    and we live in HI, so there are lots of places here

    1. For Chinese noodles, hands down it's Asian BBQ & Noodle on Jones near Spring Mountain.

      1. Monta's tonkotsu ramen is the best. Don't go to Ramen Sora.

        1. Shaanxi Gourmet on Jones near Spring Mountain (behind China Mama) is definitely worth checking out.

          1. Best Noodles or Ramen in Vegas? Best is going to be subjective. Here is what I know. Miko's Ikazaya does a very good Ramen. The Tempura Soba was awesome and the Tempura was light and fresh. The Miso Ramen was also very good. the pork was fresh and the noodles were not overcooked. Now comes the rock-your-world moment. The Dynamite from the appetizer menu is one of the most aptly named dished I have tried at a Japanese place. "Baked scallops, shrimp w/mushroom and onion & slices of avocado on top" says the menu. What the menu does not convey is the care and love that was taken in the saucy design and caramelized execution of this dish. We were warned upon ordering that it would take time to prepare. The truth is that the Dynamite would be more at home in a fine French restaurant than a Japanese Ramen House. When I asked The Dynamite turned out to be a collaboration between the owner (the concept) and the chef (the sauce). The Dynamite blew me away!