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Feb 17, 2014 11:05 AM

3 nights in the Financial District

Hello -

My wife and I (both early 40s) are visiting one of her single friends who lives at Exchange Place in the Financial District. She has lived there for a short period of time and has a couple of hangouts.

My wife and I will have free time on two weekdays during work hours to just mess around. We are just looking for a few, "must do", "must eat" type things/places in or around that area. We are from Florida and have been to NYC several times but rarely spent any time in the Financial District.

So - we'd like a couple of lunch suggestion and maybe a couple of pubs/bars to see in the area. We are looking for casual fare - if there is an iconic burger joint or something that would be cool. But any suggestions are welcomed.

We are doing Adrienne's Pizza for dinner one night and Peter Lugers. Those are the only, "set" things that our friend set up.

Thanks in advance for any guidance.


We definitely plan to see the 9/11 Memorial.

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      Thanks - just looked at their website and it looks really cool. We have a place locally called the Mandarin Hide and they do tons of those prohibition style cocktails with the 20s-30s d├ęcor, etc.... One of the best bars here. Our friend said the Dead Rabbit is a stone's throw from her place.

      1. re: Tangerine7

        This should also help:

        Unfortunately, there's not a lot of "absolutely must eats for an out of towner" in the neighborhood...

        1. re: kathryn

          Mentioned in the link Kathryn posted . . .Zaitzeff (expensive but good) and Financier (many locations) are good for lunch. Veronica's food cart for grab and go.

        1. re: kathryn

          Second The Dead Rabbit.

          No destination food places, but a lot of history.

          Fraunces Tavern. Bar is better than the food.

          Grab some coffee at Jack's over on Front Street after checking out the printing press at Bowne's.

          If you are walkers and weather permitting, walk across the Brooklyn Bridge (at least to the top) and then head back to Historic Seaport North for a drink.

          Fresh Salt or The Paris in Seaport North are bars frequented by locals. Also, Jeremy's and their son's more upscale Meade's (corner of Peck Slip):

          This is a long thread on lunch in the Financial District. Last updated late last year:

          Some lunch (sit down vs. grab and go) suggestions before or after the 9/11 Memorial:

          *Il Brigante
          *Trading Post
          *Les Halles (closest to Broadway & 9/11


          *Alfanoose (on Fulton)

          Take a FREE tour of City Hall or visit a museum (many in FiDi). Or if you are walkers, Chinatown is close by. There are many threads on where to eat in Chinatown if you do a search.

          1. re: financialdistrictresident

            Thank you all very much for taking the time - I will pour through these suggestions and make pick a few places. Has anyone tried Ngam for Thai?

              1. re: Sneakeater

                Thanks, sneakeater.

                I haven't been in ages.

                Went to Jeremy's and sat outside when it was warm and sunny. Didn't give up my brassiere :)

          2. For lunch near the 9/11 memorial Nish Nush is walkable, i love their hummus and falafel pitas, sitting in the window is great for people watching too:

            1. If you don't mind going to the BK... check out Briskettown, Almondine Bakery, Juliana's Pizza (run by the actual Grimaldi family) are all great places to go. Some of my favorite spots are the Trading Post which is a newish place downtown and the Brandy Library which is a nicer place to grab a drink in Tribeca. Blue smoke for some seriously good ribs opened up downtown. My favorite local spot is the open door tavern... one of my favorite places to get mac and cheese. Second the dead rabbit as that place is amazing for great cocktails. Been living downtown for several years now and those are my favorites.


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              1. re: exploringny

                The Open Door Gastropub on John? Same owners as The Paris.

                Second The Trading Post.

                Tangerine7, if you're open to nearby Brooklyn there are many suggestions on the Outer Boroughs Board. Many delicious choices across the river in Williamsburg/Greenpoint.

              2. Day 1: Alright - decision for first day is made - looks like we land - hit Trading Post and then the 9/11 Memorial. That night Adrienne's Pizza. Drinks at the Dead Rabbit afterwards.

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                1. re: Tangerine7

                  What day of the week is Day 1? DR can get packed on the weekends (but I would still go to a packed DR because it's just an incredible place) but you should be aware.

                    1. re: Tangerine7

                      It might get crowded on a Thursday right after work gets out but you should be fine if you go later around 9 or 10.

                  1. re: Tangerine7

                    I'd skip Acqua and Il Brigante since you're having Italian on Day 1.

                    Maybe a lunch in nearby Chinatown (lots of threads on this Board).

                    You might want to consider the East Village for your third dinner. Lots of good choices and not too far from the Financial District.

                    We also like Les Halles. No more Bourdain and not a destination place. But with so few choices in the neighborhood works for a casual lunch or dinner. I went on Christmas.

                  2. MarkJoseph serves up delicious steaks.

                    I'm a fan of The Dead Rabbit as well.