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Feb 17, 2014 09:54 AM

Bloomsbury St. Pancras Resto Recs?

During a quick and hectic trip to London, I will spending most of my time in the Bloomsbury St. Pancras area.

I have identified three places that same convenient and worth trying:

For lunch and quick bites near the British Museum, Gails Kitchen

For an early Friday night meal on my first jet-lagged day in London, about 15 minutes walk from Bedford Place where I am staying, Newman Street Tavern,

For an early Saturday evening meet and eat with two friends, Shrimpy's The King's Cross Filling Station, They are coming from Camden and I from St. Pancras.

I am still looking for a place for quick and inexpensive lunching near the British Library. My tastes run to Fergus Henderson's offal menus and Tayyab's. However I won't have the time to get to St. John St. and I gather that Tayyab is not what it used to be. Another place I like is Patogh, 8 Crawford Place, but I probably won't manage to get there on this trip.

So any suggestions for lunch along any of those lines in the BL St. Pancras area would be welcome.

And any comments on the other ideas would be appreciated as well.

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  1. Chang's Noodles near the British Museum.

    Indonesian stuff from the Indonesian mini-mart on Charing Cross Road.

    If you're willing to travel further, Tukdin for nasi lemak and other Malaysian hawker dishes or Sedap near Old Street for Penang-style nyona dishes (curries section of menu).

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      Glad to reconnect now that you are no longer posting as much about Boston. Thanks for the suggestions

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        Glad to see you over here too! Tried to suggest stuff that is harder to find in Boston. Hope you like them.

        P.S. For another hard to find in Boston dish, try the bavette de cheval / horse steak at Brasserie Chavot (superb French place for straightforward classics made with great technique in Mayfair). I've seen it there recently as a special.

    2. I went to Gails kitchen a while back. Really liked the food but not so keen on the space, May work better at lunch rather than dinner. Post here if you're interested.

      If you want something along the lines of Tayyabs , how about Ravi Kebab on Drummond St? Not far from the British Library near Euston station, a number of posts on this.Great breads and lamb curry and kebabs. Lamb chop was a bit disappointing when I went. Ravi Shanka on the same st is also good if you want veggie Indian,

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        Just another thought on stuff near the British Library you may want to pop down to one of the stalls at Kerb which which is very close. Not all are great but worth it if Tongue n Cheek, Rib Man or Donostia social club are there that day.

      2. There's also The Grain Store at Granary Square near St. Pancras... it's a Bruno Loubet offering.

        1. Thanks for the other ideas. Grain Store had been on my radar screen. I will check it out.

          Any version of Tayyab is worth trying, especially if it is convenient and does not have the never-ending queue.

          Any comments on the other ideas, Shrimpy's and Newman St. Tavern. Jay Rayner raved about the lamb at Newman St. Is Shrimpy's more of a scene for drinking and being seen, rather than a place to eat?

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              I don't know anything about Shrimpy's, but their soft shell crab burger has provolone in it. It makes me wonder about the palate of the chef. LOL!

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                Newman St is good. - more like a restaurant than a pub and not cheap but it enjoyed it

                I really liked Shrimpys but you probably hit the nail on the head that it's as much about the drink and scene as the food.

                Have you looked into caravan? Very close and potentially a nice balance between ambitious menu and fun atmosphere.

              2. Make sure to walk around inside the station itself for lunchy, breakfasty and places like this