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Lunch in Chinatown under $10 pp

Alright folks, looking for recommendations on not only where to eat, but what to order.

Factors here are
-Under $10 out the door
-In or around Chinatown
-Accepts CC is a huge plus!

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    1. #4 at Gene's chinese flatbread (hand pulled noodle) for 6 bucks. the #2 lamb noodle soup clocks in at 11.

      can't recall if they take CC, but betting cash only. at 6 bucks though... you know...

      1. Let me expand to what I already know is good!

        -Wai Wai
        -Pho Pasteur
        -Xinh Xinh
        -Quic Pic
        -Any of the bakeries

        Looking for some new spots, especially Sechuan.

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          Check out the lunch specials at New Shanghai.

        2. Most restaurants in Chinatown have lunch for under $10. Good luck finding any restaurant that takes credit cards for under $10 though...

          A few of my favorites:
          Dumpling Cafe
          Taiwan Cafe
          Peach Farm

          1. Hong Kong Eatery does wonton noodle soup (with your meat of choice--duck, char sui, etc.) for around $6.50. It's a big bowl.

            Their rice plates also run $6-7--the amount of protein is variable. The tofu with veggies used to be generous, but the last time I got it, it only had two small squares of tofu.

            New Golden Gate has lunch specials for $3.99. Anybody tried them?

            1. Any of the bahn mi shops - Mei Sum or 163 to name two. For 3.50 or so each, you can even get two. Highly doubt CC would work though.

              Vinh Sun should also have plenty of rice plates and take out options. Don't know about CC there.

              1. Solo or group? The $21 three-course all-day takeout special at Dumpling Cafe is a great deal and feeds three: http://www.dumplingcafe.com/dumplingc... Individual courses for $7 are eat-in only, 11a-4p.


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                  I think Taiwan Cafe still runs the same price lunch special (3 for 21?), weekdays only

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                    You can definitely take out the lunch specials from Dumpling Cafe. I've done this countless times, the last being last Thursday.

                  2. Jade Garden has $4.50 lunch specials. I like their seafood noodles.

                    1. I had a great spicy noodle soup at Taiwan Cafe that would work well in this current weather. It was called something along the lines of "Beef Noodle Soup with Spinach" (it had the hot pepper signifying the spice). Cheap as well, around $6.

                      1. I think takeout lunch for over $10pp would be more of a challenge.

                        1. Some lunches I've enjoyed in C-town lately:

                          The absolute cheapest respectable/acceptable lunch in the neighborhood (other than the obvious banh mi, BBQ, and bakery options) is the Jade Garden $4.50 lunch special with free hot & sour soup, mentioned above; their noodles (esp. Soy Sauce noodles & Yee Mein) and shrimp-with-egg rice plate are decent options.

                          -At both Taiwan Café and GDH I'd recommend the Braised Tilapia lunch special, though it's a little messy for take-out (it's a whole fish in sauce).

                          -At Café de Lulu, I like the Spicy Fish Soup.

                          -The rice cakes with XO sauce at Vinh Sunh are good, though I think they run to $11. They also make a good Soy Sauce Chow Mein.

                          -Fish with Tofu rice plate at Asian Garden

                          -Dumpling Café makes a good Squid-with-pickled-mustard greens, available as a lunch special.

                          -Cheow Kuay Teow or (a bit strange:) Curry Mee at Penang

                          -Great Taste and Hong Kong Eatery both make pretty good Salt & Pepper Squid rice-plates for around $6. Great Taste also makes good noodle soups and a nice Soy Sauce Choy Mein (they used to call it "High Class Soy Sauce Chow Mein," but now it's called something less charming)

                          -New Shanghai is much stronger in their $15-$20 range, but I like their rice cakes ($7-$8). A grab-bag from their interesting "snacks" and appetizers sections (most items $3-$6) would also be fun.

                          -Clay Pot Café (any clay pot, though I especially like one with smoky scraps of eel)

                          1. In the back of Mings Supermarket on Washington Street, South End, there is a vendor serving hot foods for eat-in or take-out. You can order a plate with any 3 choices plus rice and soup for about $6.50. They have about 25 hot items to choose from, vegetarian, chicken, fish, etc. I have tried the garlic eggplant, stir-fried green beans, stir-fried fish and more and I thought it was quite good.

                            1. One of my fav lunches is steamed or baked buns, or sticky rice in lotus leaf to go from Great Taste or Crown bakery. Steamed pork buns, char siu bus, etc etc. Heck you can have nice lunch with a Portugese tart for dessert for <$7.

                              1. Went to New Shanghai today with a client. Had Rice, Spicy Sea Cucumber, Szechuan string potato dish, and family style tofu.

                                All were really great!!

                                1. Meats on rice at Quic Pic