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Feb 17, 2014 09:14 AM

Lunch in Chinatown under $10 pp

Alright folks, looking for recommendations on not only where to eat, but what to order.

Factors here are
-Under $10 out the door
-In or around Chinatown
-Accepts CC is a huge plus!

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    1. #4 at Gene's chinese flatbread (hand pulled noodle) for 6 bucks. the #2 lamb noodle soup clocks in at 11.

      can't recall if they take CC, but betting cash only. at 6 bucks though... you know...

      1. Let me expand to what I already know is good!

        -Wai Wai
        -Pho Pasteur
        -Xinh Xinh
        -Quic Pic
        -Any of the bakeries

        Looking for some new spots, especially Sechuan.

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        1. re: Bostonbull

          Check out the lunch specials at New Shanghai.

        2. Most restaurants in Chinatown have lunch for under $10. Good luck finding any restaurant that takes credit cards for under $10 though...

          A few of my favorites:
          Dumpling Cafe
          Taiwan Cafe
          Peach Farm

          1. Hong Kong Eatery does wonton noodle soup (with your meat of choice--duck, char sui, etc.) for around $6.50. It's a big bowl.

            Their rice plates also run $6-7--the amount of protein is variable. The tofu with veggies used to be generous, but the last time I got it, it only had two small squares of tofu.

            New Golden Gate has lunch specials for $3.99. Anybody tried them?