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Feb 17, 2014 09:10 AM

Best Korean in London

I need some recommendations for the best korean restaurants in London(downtown). I have been doing a lot of research and am getting a lot of different answers. I eat Korean often in Toronto and have been to Seoul. Please help!

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  1. There are a number of Koreans in Central London. But if you want the "Korea Town" of London, that's rather oddly New Malden in the south-west suburbs. A number of Korean businesses are located there, and restaurants and shops have sprung up. Can't give any individual recs because I haven't been to a Korean restaurant for years - simply because no-one I know is hugely fond of Korean food, including those who've never tried it. And I love my kimchee etc.

    1. New Malden's your best bet, really. Easy to get to on the train, but it's certainly not central London.

      If I'm in the area (going to the British Museum, for instance), I'll have lunch at Asadal, right next to Holborn tube. For me, it's a good choice in central London.

      1. You've gotten the right answers. Asadal is fine, but New Malden has a huge number of Korean restaurants. Since I live only about 20 minutes from there, we've tried at least 4 of them so far. It's the largest Korean community in the UK.

        I think Sorabol is among the best of the lot and Yami is also good. A very small spot called Hamgipak and The Palace are also worth a try.

        1. This will fill a gap nicely if you are round

          If you are in soho this place is popular

          1. If you're after somewhere central, then Koba on Rathbone Street is very good.