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Feb 17, 2014 08:26 AM

Going to be in Minneapolis for our 2nd Wedding Anniversary. Restaurant recs?

Hi all
We are going to be in Minneapolis for a couple of nights for our anniversary in March. I already made reservations at Bar La Grassa for one of the nights since we love 112 eatery and have never tried la Grassa.

I'd love to go out to a romantic restaurant with amazing food.
Any recommendations?

We love all kinds of food :)

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  1. Alma.

    Travail and The Rookery have amazing food but I don't think its much of a romantic setting.

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      1. re: St3ve

        I am guessing from the post that you are equating romantic restaurant with amazing food. They don't always go hand in hand. I'd never consider BLG romantic and I wouldn't recommend Alma as we had our 2nd Anniversary there last year and we let them know we would be celebrating it with them.

        -Nobody mentioned anything all night
        -Service was rushed
        -Servers and staff drinking at the bar
        -Halfway thru (after he'd been drinking wine at another table), host comes up and tells me that if I'm parked in the lot, I have to move it or it will be towed. Maybe that could have been addressed before we sat down, not halfway through the meal
        -One course had to be sent back as food was cold
        -No alcohol permit so no cocktails/beer or wine only
        -Room feels a bit like a Caribou Coffee. It's not really romantic to me at all in any way.

        I'd still put both BLG and Alma in the Top 5 restaurants in MN, and I chalk up the bad Alma experience as an off-night most likely. But by no means are either romantic destination.

        I personally think Cafe Lurcat is one of our more romantic restaurants in town. And they have the food to match. Some people find very modern decor sexy and romantic so I'd throw in Cosmos too. But that's a personal choice. Nicollet Island Inn used to always win this category on a yearly, but it's food is more traditional classics with a seafood focus.

        1. re: Db Cooper

          I agree regarding Alma. I've been twice and have always been rather disappointed, especially after all the hype.

          I'll throw out Corner Table. Never had a bad meal there and it is very nice ambiance.

          1. re: Db Cooper

            Honestly, great food is more important to us but we want a nice atmosphere too.

            We were beyond disappointed by Butcher and Boar last time we were in the twin cities. The service was horrible and the food was nothing to write home about. I think this whole charcuterie thing that's been popular is just not for us. I guess we just love amazing food, with great flavors in a comfortable environment. It doesn't have to be super fancy but we want to feel like the food is worth the money, not just the experience.

            1. re: Staceyy

              Surprising you didn't find the Food likable at B&TB. The long rib is probably top 5 things I've had...ever.

              Its definitely meat eaters paradise so you need to enjoy protein I suppose.

              What did you order?

              I've heard a few gripes about their service lacking but I've never experienced it.

              1. re: phokingood

                We absolutely love meat but we just didn't find anything super interesting or with flavors that popped.

                We had the pork chop and I believe it was a steak that was served sliced. We tried one of the sausages for an appetizer, the cornbread and some rabbit rilette, I believe.

                Quite frankly, the service was just so bad that even if the food had been amazing, we probably wouldn't go back. The food alone just didn't wow us at all...

                1. re: Staceyy

                  I agree completely with B&TBoring. I have had the "Long" Bone and not great at all. Alma has always been great when I have been there. I would recommend it. LBV in the Bar is also OK.

      2. Cafe Maude by Loring Park is a great spot.

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            1. re: phokingood

              The original location remains in business.

          1. I would recommend Saffron (especially if you can get one of the cozy corner banquettes), La Belle Vie (either the Lounge or the dining room itself -- you will certainly feel well-pampered), maybe Vincent, maybe Al Vento or Rinata. Although, if you're doing BLG one night, then another pasta-centric place isn't going to compare well, so strike the Al Vento/Rinata recommendation.

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            1. re: Jordan

              Had an anniversary dinner at LBV. Sat in the dining room. Perfect, perfect service and wine pairings and the food was special occasion indulgent.

              Corner Table - Chef's Table if you can - not 'romantic' sitting in the kitchen, but it will be a memorable meal.

            2. Saffron, Corner Table, or Alma would be my first choices for romantic + amazing food.

              1. La Belle Vie. Great food, and the most romantic dining room in Minneapolis. Cafe Lurcat is a close second. I also like the Cosmos rec. they just added a Champagne bar.

                Food at Alma is good, but the ambience doesn't scream romance.

                Outside of downtown, I'd recommend Lynn on Bryant, or got to Saint Paul and dine at Meritage, asking for a window table.

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                1. re: Brad Ballinger

                  I'd strongly second The Lynn on Bryant. As warm a place as exists in the Twin Cities. It's not pretentious, so if you're looking to shazam and kablam the night up, this isn't it -- but if you want a perfectly lovely night, with heart-dilating bistro food, it's fantastic.