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Feb 17, 2014 06:51 AM

bay laurel "tree"!?!

GEEZ! I've either KILLED or seriously traumatized yet another one thru total NEGLECT!?! Discovered it TOTALLY dry, wilted and pretty much CRISPY in rarely used diningroom. Gave it what I call a "kill it or cure it" trim... down toabout an inch or so from soil. Wood looked a bit green, so hoping for a rebound. Guess on UP side, a big messa fragrant bay leaves is a bit of a good thing??

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  1. Wow, so sad!
    We have done the same to our bay bush 3 times so has been desiccated over the winter inside, cooked by the sun outside in the summer, and devastated by our dog.We have no idea why the dog ate the bush,really did a number on it. No sympathy for her belly ache at all .. 3 times it has struggled back to life!
    Nothing like fresh bay leaves in a pot of pea soup!

    Prune it back to green wood and hope for spring!

    1. I'm in NJ... tree (about 2' tall) would have a decent chance of survining in the ground in a well sheltered area... doubt it this winter. As I was clipping off the dried leaves, my cat was going CRAZY!?! As I was snipping leaves, was tossing bare stems into sink and she was rolling all over them, as if it were catnip?!?

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        We are in the Finger Lakes of NY and our bay is in a huge pot that we move in and out for the winter /summer. In the summer we try to bury the pot so it needs less watering/attention.It would never survive winter here outside.

      2. Ours is 3 years old now.

        It goes out on the deck in good weather and comes inside the kitchen patio door in winter. It seems fine which is amazing because other than the odd spritz of water we've done nothing.

        Can anyone tell me exactly how this wee shrub is maintained? What's the feeding and watering regimen?

        Oh, yes. I've recently learned that the plant should get a 1/4 turn each day.

        And yes, it's a lovely herb and necessary for many of our dishes.

        1. I would love to have a small bay but will it survive in apartment/balcony environment without too much sun? Where did you buy it? Regular nursery or special order?

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            Ours survives indoors all winter in a cool room with only northern exposure, watered infrequently. We move it outdoors in the spring to a mostly shady area.
            We bought it as a lil twig from an well known catalog,perhaps White Flower Farm,which is an expensive option. Check amazon. We have transplanted it to a bigger pot every few years.
            Nothing like fresh bay leaves in pea soup!
            Good luck, it is a pretty hardy tender shrubbery!

          2. I had a 15 foot bay laurel in my Charleston garden. The new owners of my old home are enjoying it now *sigh*.

            I moved to NC and I now have one in the ground. I mulched it good and hope it makes it through the winter. It looks a little crunchy but I'm going to do the same: cut it back and hope for the best.