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Feb 17, 2014 06:17 AM

new BBQ spot in middletown called A&L BBQ

So I check my mail and find a flyer about a new spot. I check online and see that it is a pizza place which is kind of odd.

It is located on the corner of 35 and new monmouth rd (across from Applebees)

I find out they use cherrywood and I got 2 of the 3 meat platters (one for the wife and I.) It is smoked on the premises.

I opted for the pulled pork, ribs (st louis cut) and brisket. The two sides I chose were mac and cheese and cole slaw. For 16.95 this was a decent meal. Opinions on BBQ are all over the place. You ask ten people and you get ten different opinions. So I won't write a huge review but lets just say this.... I'd give the brisket a try. I think it is nicely done...not dry or drenched in sauce. It has a heavy black pepper forward rub and some decent fat. Overall it wasn't epic but it gave me my bbq fix since its hard to smoke in this snow.

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  1. Intriguing... on their web site, the brisket looks like it could be pretty good, while the ribs have the super tough membrane showing on the upside down(?) picture. strange... I'll have to check them out some day soon

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      Ribs had real nice texture and were real meaty...not much pull on them. They were just a little bland for me...not bad but I prefer a heavier smoke. I think the brisket is a good find.

    2. I just checked the link you provided. Did you try any of their sides? Any rec's on that? I'll be in Middletown later today for an appt. Is there a place to sit and eat?

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      1. re: HillJ

        Wife picked up but yes there are tables. Mac and cheese is good and you can feel your arteries clog as you eat it lol
        I liked the slaw too.

        1. re: corvette johnny

          Thanks corv, I'm going to try this place after my appt.

      2. Stopped today on my way from work. Ordered brisket, ribs and two sides. Ribs just OK, meaty, tender but not much flavor. Brisket was very good! Very tender, BBQ sauce just drizzled on top. Mac and cheese also just OK.

        I would return for the brisket and to try some of the other items.

        1. Stopped in with my wife tonight for dinner. For a pizzeria, I was impressed.

          We got two platters, so we sampled the sausage, pulled pork, pulled chicken, and the brisket. sides where mac and cheese, fries, and cole slaw.

          My wife enjoyed the sausage which tasted like kielbasa and was served with pickle chips,and the pulled pork. This had very little fat, which is the way she likes it. I liked the brisket, but like you said, had decent fat, I kind of like beef on the leaner side. I really enjoyed the pulled chicken. Could have had a bit of a heavier smoke flavor, but like you said.. BBQ is so subjective. Sauce was just about right, and I like that they don't soak it in. Just drizzled on top.

          Fries where fresh cut and done very well. Impressive for a pizza place. Mac and Cheese was alright. Could tell that the noodles where cooked to order which is a nice touch, but my wife prefers a baked mac and cheese preparation. It was served with a roll so you can make a sandwich I guess.

          All in all, for $15 I think this was a great value, and a great option in the area. I will be back.

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          1. re: coldsolderjoint

            I am glad you guys liked it. I am rooting for this place and hopefully they stick around. Having some decent brisket in my home town is a nice option. Was it me or did the brisket taste really fresh? It didn't have that rejuvenated look or feel to it.

            The ribs definitely need to have a stronger rub and/or a heavier smoke. I'd like to see them use some hickory to make them a little more pungent.

            And yes, Coldsolder I agree about the mac and cheese. I am a baked mac and cheese guy myself and prefer it a little dryer.

            I am not sure but my guess is the owner is into BBQ. I need to stop by to talk some BBQ with him one day.

            I mentioned this earlier but if you live in middletown and surrounding areas you get that small booklet of coupons. There are coupons for this place inside. Buy one platter get one 50% off.

            1. re: corvette johnny

              There's only one way to have brisket fresh and that is to cut it to order. If thats not going on, well....

              I look forward to trying them out

          2. ah ok so it's in that old little strip mall with the classic dingy jersey strip mall bar (similar to the one by the Navesink Fishery) and the jersey mikes

            i'll have to give it a try

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            1. re: Mr. Bingley

              Yes right next to jersey mikes. It is a pizza place so it is strange thinking you are going to get decent BBQ out of this place.

              I went again last night. Wife was in NY so i figured what the hell.

              The brisket was NOT a fluke. The second time it was tender, juicy and flavorful. I am happy to report that. The rub was not laid on thick like the first platter I got. I opted for the chicken and pulled pork to round out my trio. This time the pulled pork was even better. I had more "outside" pieces off the shoulder which I like and it was a little moister ( fat on this either.) The chicken was ok but not great. My wifes seems to have a lot more seasoning on heres the other day. She also got a half bird when we first ordered but I only got a drumstick and thigh. I guess there was a different cook in the back. So there are some small inconsistencies but overall I am thrilled to be able to get some decent brisket in town.

              The owner was there. I asked him how he got into BBQ he joked around that there was no good BBQ around here so he saw a need. He said he started cooking BBQ about ten years ago and it is just a hobby of his....nice guy.

              1. re: corvette johnny

                thanks, maybe i'll try the pulled pork tonight; hopefully i'll get some bark

                1. re: Mr. Bingley

                  they have two and three meat platters so I'd recommend at least trying the brisket.

                  1. re: corvette johnny

                    stopped in and got a brisket platter for my Bride and the pulled pork for me. sides were generic really but the brisket was very tender and lean and the pulled pork was pretty good too, especially considering it had a 10 minute ride to the house before we ate it. We'll definitely go there again!

                    as an aside, I love America: a jersey pizza joint serving decent bbq owned and cooked by a russian!